Kim Fende


PHONE: 513-535-5802

Kim Fende holds a bachelors degree in Marketing from Miami University of Ohio.  Her work experience includes multiple roles at Nielsen, where she consulted with the top 100 CPG firms in the world on their marketing strategies, providing strategic insight and analysis based on market research data.  She also worked on the manufacturing side supporting one of the worlds’ largest gum suppliers, providing the sales team with strategies and insight based on analyzing historical sales data.  Her work experience also includes working directly with consumers to uncover their needs and motivations behind their purchasing decisions, also in support of top CPG manufacturers of the world.  In these various roles, she discovered her passion in helping to boost employee morale and improving communication and teamwork.

In 2014, she left her career to raise her children.  At this time, she discovered her gifts in art and sound healing.  She founded Art & Soul Vibrations in 2015 and began teaching art classes to the local community, conducting private and group sound-healing sessions and co-founded and facilitated a recurring women’s circle to empower women to discover their gifts.

In 2019, she released her first music album collaboration as Frequency Matters, playing her crystal singing bowls with a local talented musician.  She also began volunteering her time offering art and sound healing at the cancer community support center of Cincinnati and also with children to increase emotional intelligence and compassion skills.