Jenny Dewberry


    • Monday May 3, 2020
    • Thursday May 7, 2020

Image and Coaching Master Consultant and representant for The ImageMaker, Inc ® Soft Skills Division in the USA (Ohio).

Jenny Dewberry  is a certified Image consultant and Brand Strategist,  receiving her certification through Dr. Joyce Knudsen Ph. D. from The ImageMaker Inc.® and obtained a Professional Etiquette Certification through Saylor university.

Jenny Dewberry is the Founder and CEO of PeoplePower Consultancy Group. Her career began in fashion but, after many years, she  decided to change her career path and accepted a position in Banking. During her years in Corporate America, she discovered new skills which included Professional etiquette, team building, leadership and  poise.

Jenny facilitates corporate Learning and Development Training for organizations as well as private workshops and coaching.

Jenny has over 30 years of customer service experience, 25 years of Entrepreneural  Experience, and 15 years experience as a Business owner. This is where she gained her acumen in business strategy and etiquette.