Branding Your Business Course

If marketing is everything we do for our business, then brand is everything about our business. Your business brand is created by:
  • Understanding what you offer to your customers or clients
  • Knowing why you are doing it, what your passion is and your motivation
  • Having a clear idea of who your customers or clients are and
  • Identifying the key features and more importantly the benefits of your business 

Branding Your Business Course
Branding Your Business Course

The items of the Educational Shop are provided to you in a Microsoft Word format, so that you rework the PowerPoint® and the workbook, as well as the Certificate. You can use the copyrighted material for education, teaching and communication, but not to resell it as your own materials.

You can, however, create your own product using this material as a basic structure and bring the fruits of your imagination, talents and creativity into what you design.

This format, to my knowledge, is not available elsewhere.