Soft skills are also known as People Skills and are personal attributes that enable someone to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people.
If marketing is everything we do for our business, then brand is everything about our business.
Use the following guidelines to speak effectively and to be better understood.
Learn how to consult with individuals and companies.
The purpose of a business is to create value for customers.
To be a good listener demonstrates how much you care about your client more than any other action you can take.
This seminar is crucial for anyone beginning or wanting to advance in their business.
This seminar will send you out looking great and upstaging your competition.
Messages that people communicate through their nonverbal communication.
If you want to know what you need to plan for a successful business, this seminar can help.
If you are having difficulty explaining the concept of “Business Casual” to your employees, this is the seminar for you.
All the informations that need to know about in the three critical image areas.
From Office to Social Wear, Style, Image and Color, How to Choose A Suit, Accessories, and understanding the “whole package”.
Forget about the year you were born and dress for the physical shape you are in today!
Skin care is vital to health and beauty. Daily living dries out the skin due to pollution, traffic fumes, heat and cold.
Start with the business plan, it must be decided what trusted services you wish to plan, develop and sell.
The purpose of a speech is to persuade. Perceptions are more powerful than facts.
Be authentic, aware of your values and the behavior you exhibit.
A coach understands that people are different from each other.
Public speaking is a powerful way to show prospective clients what you can do.
Color symbols vary from culture to culture. Color is considered one of the most useful and powerful design tools you have.
Customer Service is an integral part of our job and should not be seen as an extension of it. A company’s most vital asset is its customers.®%20Physique%20Power®
Many consultants forget just how valuable their time is. Your time, expertise, and professionalism are all very valuable to the client. Clients are in need of this service and value your personalized report to prepare them for job interviews and other opportunities.