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Soft Skills Certification Program.

Develop a close cohesion with all stakeholders of The ImageMaker, Inc.®

Our Soft Skills Certifications Program Course revolves around humanity. Consequently, interpersonal skills, Communication skills, leadership skills, conflict resolution and emotional Intelligence to enable you to make a real difference in peoples lives and job searching.

  • Manage people's expectations.
  • Appear as a professional in front of all the stakeholders of the company.
  • Develop critical observation to identify problemsolving skills and strategies.
  • Improve and adapt your verbal communication style.
  • Develop effective decision-making processes in conflict resolution.

In conclusion, if at least one of these 5 statements makes sense, you are ready to take the Soft Skills Certification Program. Above all, develop transversal social skills that will grow your career paths to a place unimaginable.

Corporations and human resource are changing to include Soft Skills and emotional intelligence.

Becoming an effective professional now requires mastering strong soft skills in order to build relationships. Nevertheless, most business training focuses solely on hard skills. Although these skills should not be neglected, they must now be associated with key soft skills to make a difference in job searching or for empowering career paths.


Learn and develop deep professional skills and you will have a great asset to improve your career path.

The Soft Skills Certification Program will provide you with a solid base of interpersonal skills that will increase your value in front of a recruiter and/or move your career paths to a higher level by differentiating you from competitors.As part of your training, we will work on strong soft skills such as verbal communication, strong work ethic and time management as well as the development of your transversal and personal skills such as leadership skill.

Dr. Joyce Knudsen’s Executive Trainers will help you understand all the elements of a course that suits YOUR level and works with you.They work with you as a team until advanced levels of achievement are reached.

Are soft skills more important / effective than hard skills?

Your positive attitude, strong work ethic, teamwork, decision-making, positive attitude, time management, motivation, flexibility, problem solving, critical thinking and conflict resolution will BECOME part of your professional skills.

Hard skills are process skills that are obvious, easily identifiable and proven by the specific skills and technical experience of the job seeker. General skills or social skills is the name given by human resources recruiters to refer to all the personal skills and attitudes that are cross-cutting and difficult to quantify and the skills employers value. Non-technical skills are more related to your personality. It is therefore important to consider them as a priority to improve the way you can present them to an employer and as a general way to improve your career paths.

It is a concept of cross-professional skills association that is becoming very important in all sectors.

These are “Soft Skills." Entrepreneurs, managers, job applicants and any other people who work in human resources need to improve their soft skills to integrate into today's workplace.

In her studies, Joyce's Research Team found that the best non-technical talent recruiters are looking for people who can solve problems, adapt, use their time effectively, be organized and have effective communication skills.

Soft-Skills-VS-Hard-Skills-soft skills certification

You can start your Soft Skills Certification Program immediately.

Take advantage of the most comprehensive, convenient and valuable Soft Skills Certification Program for a small investment.

If you have other questions that remain, you can also check the program FAQ,

You can start your Soft Skills Certification Program immediately by choosing one of the trainers below


Soft Skills Certification with Alexandre Marty

Soft Skills Master Consultant - Senior Advisor and International Communication Director of The ImageMaker Inc®

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Soft Skills Certification with Jenny Dewberry

Image and Coaching Master Consultant and representant for The ImageMaker, Inc® Soft Skills Division in the USA (Ohio)

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Frequently asked questions

Each person decides how they want to deliver the information. You may want to choose a Facebook “secret group.” where this information can be taught online by adding a “meet & greet” and “Graduation Party at the end to be sure people have felt we met their expectations. You, then may choose a call, Skype or meeting to meet for a Q&A.

Welcome and Learning Outcomes

  • Introduce purpose of course & learning outcomes to achieve
  • Share information about all the soft skills by going through a workbook via Zoom and answering all questions
  • Invite participants to watch soft skills video and facilitate questions/share ideas via Zoom (online forum)

Explanation & Descriptions

  • Share information on soft skills vs hard skills
  • Explain the differences between hard and soft skills
  • Explain all soft skills and their importance
  • Chart the soft skills most important for job candidates, Corporate Employees from a company culture point of view
  • Send in their chart for discussion and critique
  • Display specific elements of each soft skills chosen and be able to specify the ‘why” behind the choice
  • Discuss 2 case studies of corporate success stories in soft skills training to build company brand
  • Describe modern strategies for corporate L&D (learning and development): blended learning, micro-learning, informal learning
  • Identify modern strategies for soft skills building relationships (high frequency, low intensity, long term)
  • Explain how humans learn and develop complex behaviors (observationally)
  • Begin the process of watching soft skills training video critically
  • Rate watched video based on agreed-upon parameters

Facilitation on soft skills in the corporate world to enhance company culture

  • Creating and facilitating interactions among a group,
  • Share the steps in creating student with a myriad of soft skills, determining subject matter; content writing a page; what do they want as their niche market?
  • Work on the skill set they need to achieve their goals?
  • Write a list of each skill set and putting these into a book they will be able to refer to, as needed, and discuss each one.
  • Work on each video to understand how the soft skill message is understood by answering questions after they watched the video.

Wrap Up and Evaluation

  • Have participants complete a quiz on how to work with soft skills quiz
  • Review the learning outcomes and have participants complete an evaluation
  • Q&A
  1. Verbal communication
  2. Capable communicators can adjust their tone and style to their audience, understand and act effectively on instructions, and explain complex issues to colleagues.

  3. Personal motivation
  4. Not only does it show reliability and commitment, but it shows that you can effectively fit into an organizational structure without the need for constant monitoring.

  5. Leadership skills
  6. It's a soft skill that you can show even if you do not directly manage others.

  7. Teamwork
  8. Working as a team to achieve a common goal requires intuition, critical observation, and a strong sense of interpersonal skills to know when to be a leader and when to be an auditor.

  9. Decision-making and problemsolving skills
  10. Knowing the distinction between decision-making and recklessness implies a strong soft skills in itself. Develop critical observation allow you identify problemsolving skills and strategies

  11. Ability to work under pressure
  12. Recruiters reward candidates who demonstrate a decisive attitude, a consistent ability to think clearly, and the ability to compartmentalize and set stress aside.

  13. Flexibility
  14. Flexibility is a key soft skills, as it demonstrates an ability and willingness to learn new skills, and an openness to new tasks and challenges.

  15. Negotiation and conflict resolution
  16. Being an expert negotiator means being persuasive and influential while sensitively seeking a solution that will benefit all parties.

Because even though your technical skills can help you, your relational skills are what opens most doors to come. Your strong work ethic, your positive attitude, your communication skills, your emotional intelligence and a whole host of other personal attributes are the people skills that are essential for employers value you.

If you take this course and your subject is on your resume, biography, or resume, you will rank above the rest of the candidates when applying for a position in a company / company.

Hard Skills - This is your expertise in a particular field of study. Technical skills can lead to employment and are important. However, knowing what to do to manage people is what our employers are looking for in the current job market.

Soft skills - These skills are non-technical and relate to attitudes, behavior, communication, intuitions and personality. People skills are also called interpersonal skills, which allow a person to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people. General skills are also called interpersonal skills and are personal attributes that allow a person to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people. They are important because, if your technical skills can engage you, your soft skills are what will employer value you.

This course is intended for all professionals who recognize the need for career development, as well as for executives who wish to develop new styles of management. In addition, this course will be excellent for any job applicants who would like to stand out from the competition.

Dear Joyce,

Your program and you got me prepared for the business world. And, if that weren't enough, you keep your word about being there for the life of my business. I feel very fortunate to have chosen you for my mentor. Thank you so much.

Aileen Lane-Singapore

Dear Dr. Knudsen,

I wanted to take a moment and thank you so much for your contribution to the Image Profession. I absolutely admire the way you include soft skills & self-esteem analysis into the image profession and into your program.

I believe it is such a huge part of our image and where we go in life. I learned so much from the assessments about myself and feel I understand who I am more than ever. I am also able to understand my family and friends in a way I had never done before. I believe I will be able to make a difference in all of my clients life, being able to offer them this service. using assessments from The ImageMaker, Inc®.

Rita White-Tyler

Dear Dr. Joyce Knudsen,

I wanted to say thank you for offering the soft skills & self -esteem analysis in your program. It is such a vital part of your course. I learned so much about myself and how to deal with others from this course that I don't see how anyone can be in the Image Profession and not use the soft skills form of communication and self-esteem assessments. I believe it is crucial for anyone pursuing the Image Industry to take this course first! It will change their lives for the better.

Kathy Mills
Panama City, FL

Dear Dr. Joyce,

You have accomplished and contributed a great deal in the Image Profession and I am very thankful to have met you. I appreciate and treasure you so much for helping me gain focus for myself both personally and professionally. I was really impressed that you included soft skills and self-esteem analysis as one of your Image Profession programs. Having to actually evaluate my own communication style self-esteem and myself was very motivating and well worth it. I believe self-esteem is an immense part of our image and where we go in life.

The assessments and examples helped me reveal my true self and what is holding me back from being who I can and want to be. Now more than ever I really understand how to get to where I want to be. Being a part of the course has helped me relate to others on a higher level and enabled me to understand my family and friends in a way that allows us all to grow. I am now able to make a difference in the life of my clients. Each and every one of us needs to be reminded of how special we all are. Thank you for reminding me

Savka Taurasi

Toronto, Canada

Dear Dr. Knudsen,

I just want to let you know that I really enjoyed being apart of your class. I learned so much about the profession, but I also learned so much about myself that will help me be successful. As far as my soft skills and self esteem are concerned, my level was not low, however it was not the highest ,either. Attending your class gave me the confidence that I needed in order to be successful in my professional endeavors as well as my personal matters. I appreciate your warm personality.

You made me feel comfortable by letting me know that I have no reason to be be intimidated or have an unstable level of effective communication skills and self esteem. Thank you so much for your help! I highly recommend that others take your course! I know they will not regret it! It was one of the best moves I could have ever made!

Marquita Jones
St. Louis, MO