Relationship Building Course


  1. A coach understands and teaches the client how the work of the group supports the aims of the organization.
  2. A coach understands that people are different from each other. He tries to create interest, joy and challenges in work. He tries to optimize the education, skills and abilities of everyone.
  3. The coach is a learner as well as a teacher. He encourages his client to study. He provides seminars and courses for advancement of learning.
  4. He creates trust as well as an environment that encourages freedom and innovation.
  5. He does not expect perfection.
  6. He will hold an informal, unhurried conversation with every one of his clients at least once a year, just to listen. The meeting will be spontaneous.
  7. He listens and learns without passing judgment on the person he is coaching.

Relationship Building Course
Relationship Building Course

The items of the Educational Shop are provided to you in a Microsoft Word format, so that you rework the PowerPoint® and the workbook, as well as the Certificate. You can use the copyrighted material for education, teaching and communication, but not to resell it as your own materials.

You can, however, create your own product using this material as a basic structure and bring the fruits of your imagination, talents and creativity into what you design.

This format, to my knowledge, is not available elsewhere.