Women’s Wardrobe Course


Explain the fourteen point system, elements of a basic wardrobe, cool and warm colors, petites and full-figured women.

This Course is created to learn and acquire all the secret skills to professionally lead women for success in social and business situations.

At the end of this course you will have the skills to conduct your customers to develop their personal and professional dress styles adapted to the social and business situations according to their specificities.

In addition to guide your client in valuable consultation, once completed this Fashion wardrobe for men course, you will also improve image consultant skills that will develop your business.

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What will I learn in women’s wardrobe course?

This seminar will send you out looking great, how to create a women’s wardrobe by outperforming your competition. From knowing how to choose your clothing to wearing what looks good on your coloring and style, to knowing how to choose an outfit, to looking at the entire package.


The women’s wardrobe capsule is the principle of choosing a basic set/group of clothing in color and texture with interchangeable parts to end up with many outfits.

Building a basic women’s wardrobe capsule allows you to invest in key wardrobe pieces that offer endless possibilities. This “capsule” generally consists of one or two main jackets, skirts or pant combinations or a suit, blouse, pant, or skirt that will work to create a mix and match collection of clothing pieces. The most popular piece of this is a jacket that can be worn with many outfits.



  • First Impression is about 90% visual…
  • Our strongest symbol is the way we dress.
  • We have approximately 30 seconds to make a good first impression.
  • Use illusion to accentuate and hide figure challenges.
  • In planning a women’s wardrobe, we use elements and principles.
  • Bulky colors and shiny fabrics increase size; Duller colors decrease size.
  • (Lights Reveals and Darks Conceals). – Light colors make us look bigger than dark colors.
  • Accessories add sparkle, change a look from day to evening, change a look for seasons, and update your women’s wardrobe capsule. They must balance with your body size. As a smaller woman myself, I wear dainty jewelry instead of bulky ones.
  • Your body build will determine what kind of clothing will look good on you.
  • Don’t forget to express your personality by the way you dress. Before you shop, read magazines, watch the advertisements, and go to fashion shows.
  • The most basic dress is the “little black dress” with a shirtwaist. Another would be a jacket dress.
  • The use of color can contribute to how old you look.


  • Keep a fresh wardrobe. This means keeping your look current. Every year, styles change so see what the newest color is and purchase a shoe or scarf to go with this new color.
  • Try wearing monochromatic colors (one color). This is the best approach to slimming. Add interest with a bright sweater, a throw over or around your shoulders, or by adding a colorful scarf.
  • Black is not the only color. People tend to wear black all the time. Black should never stand alone. The latest color being pink (or whatever next season’s color will be) my suggestion would be to try a pink blouse with a red skirt and top this with some colorful matching necklace/accessories.
  • >It is okay to buy the larger size. If clothing is too tight, you will look heavier. Clothing looks better when it does not cling to your body.
  • Shoes really finish an outfit. Always choose quality over quantity.
  • The “little black dress” “the classic white or cream shirt” “the black turtleneck” “the classic khaki trench-coat” will always be “in.” It is important to have these basics.
  • Do not be afraid to mix items of clothing up. That is what will make you “you.” Mix and Match designer wear with less expensive wear—a crisp white tee-shirt with a designer suit. It is okay to pair trends and basics – in fact, it’s the best investment as well.
  • No matter your style, you will look your best when you love what you have on and feel good in it. Put this together with a smile, good posture, makeup and make that.


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