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Is a course that includes both the verbal forms of communication. We “say” a lot to the world before we open our mouths. We also need to work on our voice quality and delivery when we communicate if we expect to have the receiver receive the message we intend them to get. This is often not the case.

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Verbal Communication is many things but most of all it is a language that we all must learn and understand in order to be successful in life.
The University of Minnesota reports that in the working world, approximately sixty percent of misunderstandings are traced back to poor listening and only one percent to written communication. Stage III listening occurs when we see the problem the way the speaker sees it, not the way we see it.

Types of verbal communication

To be a good listener demonstrates how much you care about your client more than any other action you can take. The following behaviors contain examples of verbal communication that give the impression you are not listening. Place a check next to those habits you know you have to guard against.

    • >Interrupting, jumping to conclusions
    • Fidgeting
    • Little or no eye contact
    • Frowning
    • Poor posture
    • Looking around, being easily
    • >distracted
    • Changing the subject
    • Yawning
    • Writing everything down
    • Finishing sentences
    • Not responding during the appropriate pause
    • Being exceedingly slow at responding
    • Giving advice (remember that advice is criticism unless if someone ask your opinion)
    • Responding emotionally

Importance of  Verbal Communication for Corporate Etiquette

Etiquette is doing things in a certain way in order to make another feel comfortable. This is acceptable behavior in corporations and unacceptable behavior. It is important that you act in the other person’s interests. You need to be kind and considerate to everyone. You must act with what is known as grace. This is an ability that can be developed and it involves helping people. It is an intuitive quality that comes from understanding timing (when something should be discussed), being able to be spontaneous, displaying flexibility, being an effective listener, the ability to solve challenges, knowing that blame and gossip do not have a place in business (or in life) and maintaining dignity and integrity.

How to improve Verbal and Nonverbal communication

    • 1) Write down the moments when you are tempted to be less than truthful. You know…those little white lies. Have you told a friend you would love to go with them to the restaurant even though you really wanted to stay at home? Do you go out with men/women who are not right for you, while convincing yourself that things will change? Are you working at a job you are not that in love with just because you feel you must? Do you feel you are living up to your potential?Noting these feelings will be a first step to realizing who you are and loving yourself.
    • >2) Have you ever been overwhelmed or fearful of doing something? Anna Christensen, a Manhattan psychotherapist says, “Your body brings you into the deepest intimacy with yourself.” Even though we expect all our information to come from our heads, the body has its own knowing, which is free from judgment. She suggests we begin by closing our eyes and bringing your attention to the feelings in the center of your body. A question such as,
      “Should I take that job?” Alternatively, “Should I call that friend?” may produce butterflies.
    • 3) Do you feel empty in your stomach or tightness in your chest? You may be saying that you are excited about the Image Profession but you may not be good enough. Think back to a time when you felt happy and unburdened.
      Which experiences that you have had have made you feel overwhelmed? Which made you feel good inside? Write them down.
    • 4) Are you ready to make the changes necessary to enrich your life? Only if you are can you begin to understand the Psychology of Communication. Effective Communication can only occur if you understand yourself and are able to read others, while adapting to each other.
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