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This course will introduce you to personal assessment, how to plan and research your business, have a business checklist, and how to get customers.

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You need to success positioning yourself.

Be creative, generate self-esteem, listen to success secrets from experts, use the Likeability Model, talk about body language and learn how to speak positively and walk down the right road to success positioning.

What is success?

Did you know that Albert Einstein was four years old before we could talk? He failed the 6th grade. Walt Disney was fired from his job from “lack of ideas.” Katie Couric was told she would never make it as a journalist. Milton Hershey was a high school dropout. Randy Travis was turned down by many record labels. Noah Webster took 26 years to write the dictionary?!!! And, I was told I was uneducable because I could not learn.

More than one-half of the world’s discoveries have been made through “serendipity— the finding of one thing when you’re looking for another.

  • You define your own success. It’s a feeling, process that occurs in steps. Even more, often a balancing act, you can learn success.
  • Success is not about IQ, formal education, family background or luck.

We are the ONLY thing in our way of success. Get out of your own way. It’s does not help anyone get ahead when we say things like:

  • “I can’t do this. Also, I could have done that if I were younger or smarter.”
  • For the reason thatI only have a left brain. She does it because I can’t

Maslow’s rules for achieving to success positioning yourself

Abraham Maslow built a hierarch of needs that he felt people all have. In order to reach the top, you need to move up this ladder. Learn from Maslow.
It is simply not possible to be at a higher stage without having felt comfortable in the lower ones. Only a small percentage make it to self-actualization

  • Be authentic, so aware of your values and the behavior you exhibit.
  • Transcend your own cultural conditioning and become a “world citizen”.
  • Discover your calling and destiny. Focus on finding the right career and mate.
  • Make life worth living. Because Life is precious and there is joy to live.
  • Accept yourself. Acknowledge your aptitudes and limitations and learn to build upon them.
  • First of all, satisfy your basic needs.
  • Refresh consciousness. Learn to appreciate the good things in nature and in living.
  • Control is helpful and complete abandon is not helpful. It takes control to improve the quality of life in all areas.
  • Transcend the trifling problems and attack the serious problems in life.
  • Become a good chooser. This takes practice in making choices.

In order to success positioning yourself, project the Image you Desire. Anything your mind can conceive and believe… you can achieve

You can always tell a good or poor image. All it takes is awareness. A person “says” a lot about themselves without voice.
When you say nice things to and about yourself this is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Same with the other way around. What you say to yourself directs your thoughts and behaviors

  • You will always find what you look for.
  • Where your focus it, your energy flows.
  • You will always experience what you choose to believe.




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