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Companies and organizations are in need to know specific personalities and traits about people; people they want to hire, promote, and fit into a team.

Relationship Coaching course is an interactive program for developing your individual employee positioning module, ready for immediate implementation.

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What is Relationship Coaching

Relationship Coaching is a form of coaching that involves your client. A satisfied person is a productive person. The trick is to know what each person’s strengths ad weaknesses are and to be able to position him/her for success and the greatest productivity for your company. The first activity is to fill out the Workshop Objective Form. This will set the tone for the seminar.

In order to build that relationship, there has to be mutual trust and what is to be agreed upon and of course, all must be held confidential between you and your client.

Relationship Coaching Addresses The Client’s Whole Life!

We are people have families, friends, significant others outside of work. So, we are not one-dimensional. We enjoy different types of sports. Some like to have time to read; another to reflect; while some to excel. The Coach MUST address the client’s whole life.

  • When brainstorming, it is important to have the client include all aspects of his/her life.
  • Using the Life Style Wheel will help participants think of how balanced their lives are.

Focuses on the client not the coaching!

Discuss the roles of a Relationship Coach. The coach focuses on what the client wants. Explain that it is important for them to brainstorm at this point and list all the things that “in a perfect world” they could have and achieve.
Some of the same things your clients will list are the things you will find your class participants will list.Be aware of the differences between a coach and a manager.

What does the relationship coach provide?

The relationship coach is responsible to supply the client with tools needed for constructive change, implementation and success.
First of all, list the “tools” that you and others have that can help clients manage their. Also, In the Initial Session between Coach and Client, these must first be established:

  • Mutual Trust
  • Confidentiality
  • Points of Agreement


  • A coach understands and teaches the client how the work of the group supports the aims of the organization.
  • A coach understands that people are different from each other. He tries to create interest, joy and challenges in work. He tries to optimize the education, skills and abilities of everyone.
  • The coach is a learner as well as a teacher. He encourages his client to study. He provides seminars and courses for advancement of learning.
  • First of all the coach creates trust as well as an environment that encourages freedom and innovation. Without expect perfection.
  • Furthermore, he will hold an informal, unhurried conversation with every one of his clients at least once a year, just to listen. The meeting will be spontaneous.
  • Above all, the coach listens and learns without passing judgment on the person he is coaching.

As A Relationship Coach, You Will Lead Your Clients Toward Thinking Positive :

If your client is a negative person (the glass is half empty) instead of (the glass is half full) it is up to you to teach the perils of thinking positive.

Invite the class to REPLACE NEGATIVE statements into positive ones. An idea might be to discuss how optimism actually can help them to achieve goals. A Library is a great place to find information as well as the Internet about positive energy and affirmations and how they help so much with change.

  • You Can Overcome whatever it is.
  • Ask yourself, “What small thing can I do today to be positive.”
  • Share what you have learned from the negative experience.





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