Men’s Wardrobe Course


Is created to learn and acquire all the secret skills to professionally lead men for success in social and business situations.

At the end of this course you will have the skills to conduct your customers to develop their personal and professional dress styles adapted to the social and business situations according to their specificities.

In addition to guide your client in valuable consultation, once completed this Fashion wardrobe for men course, you will also improve image consultant skills that will develop your business.

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Best men’s wardrobe essentials practices

From Office to Social Wear, Style, Image and Color, How to Choose A Suit, Accessories, and understanding the “best men’s wardrobe practices” this presentation and this will get you that promotion, that special someone, or just make you look and feel great.

Men’s wardrobe and, Fashion Essentials Checklist!

    • If you have white hair, you will look your best in monochromatic colors
    • Pay attention to your personal hygiene by having a clean shaven face, clean nose-hair and hair maintenance. Wash your hair on a daily basis. If you choose to wear perfume, choose a light scent.
    • Use a wallet and business card holder separately. Keep your wallet thin so there isn’t a budge in your back pocket! Choose leather for quality as wallets last for a long time. Choose similar colors/patterns to show consistency.
    • Try not to hold anything heavy in your coat pocket. A good suit should remain crisp. This applies to pant pockets too.
    • Do not hang your phone on a formal jacket on your belt.
    • Men’s wardrobe essential tips for those who want length to their physique and thinness to their body: Wear black pants with straight strips. Straight Stripes elongate legs.
    • >Wear a Khaki pant with a polo shirt for casual wear.
    • Always match your belt to your shoes Casual occasions allow a range of different belt buckles, while formal would be less distracting (belts that are covered with material.)
    • If you have to wear jeans (and we all love them,) wear your jeans with a Italian Loafer and not tennis shoes (unless you jog in your jeans!) Black socks are not suitable with casual shoes.
    • Only wear a plain tee-shirt for formal wear. T-shirt collar V shape is best. Light colored dress shirts are best. Blue or Black T-shirts can be worn with dark colors.

CHOOSING A SUIT : Most important men’s wardrobe essential tip.

Buy the best quality you can afford. It is okay to use the suit as separates if you get both pieces cleaned so as not to disturb the colors. Begin with a solid color suit. If you have yellow or gold in your skin tone, opt for a brown or blue suit. If you have cool tones like blue in your skin-tone, then you can choose a gray or black suit. I have found that choosing a shade that matches your hair usually works well. Try it and see if you like yourself in the suit. See if you notice your face first. If so, it is a good color for you.

Every man needs at least one tailored suit for events he may be attending. For this purpose, purchase a high-quality classic black or gray single-breasted suit. From here on in, you will only need to change your shirt and tie to keep yourself up to date. For example, if pink is the “now” color, you would be able to wear a tie with pink in it and if you coloring is of a cool nature, you can wear a pink shirt, too.

A tailored suit is the most formal level of dressing. Your clothes will communicate authority, stability and capability. These can range from a dressy suit worn with the shirt and tie to a softer suit worn with a colored shirt and printed tie. If you notice the presidents and other officials, they often appear on TV with their black suit, white shirt and red tie—all plain colors.



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