Figure Magic Physique Power Kit ®


Become a Wardrobe Consultant or Personal Shopper instantly!

This step by step kit that gives you everything you need to perform a Figure Analysis on both male and female clients. No previous training is needed! Professional report pages are provided so you can give your client a complete individualized analysis report.

What’s included in the instantly downloadable kit:

  • Welcome Packet: Gives you basic information on the system, tips to make you a success, and offers answers to frequently asked questions like “What to charge?”.
  • Part One: Assessment – A step by step guide that describes how to take your client’s the measurements in detail and uses to easy to follow illustrations. Measurements can be done in either centimeters or inches so you can be anywhere in the world!
  • Part Two: Report Building – For a professional touch, give the client a personalized report with their results of the assessment. Create a personalized style report for the client using our researched pre-created results pages. Just select the pages you need using the answers you got from the assessment. Step by step instructions are built right in. Report Pages are provided to you in both PDF Microsoft Word® formats so you can be your own custom report editor.

This is a comprehensive program. There are no annual fees, there are no cost per assessment charge. This one time purchase gets you a lifetime of usage!

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About Figure Magic Physique Power Kit ®

Thank you for choosing Figure Magic Physique Power Kit ® Body Proportion Measurement System. Figure Magic Physique Power Kit ® Measurement System was created by Dr. Joyce Knudsen AICI CIM of The ImageMaker, Inc.®. With over 25 years of experience in the Image Consulting field and a Ph.D. in Human Services/Psychology with an emphasis on Self Image, Dr. Knudsen developed this system to be both accurate and easy to use.

There are two parts to Figure Magic Physique Power Kit ®.

  • Part One is the assessment, where measurements and observations are taken using a flexible measuring tape and recorded down.
  • Part Two is the report building, where you take the answers from Part One and create a personalized style report for the client. Step by step instructions are built right in to each section.

Many consultants forget just how valuable their time is.

Your time, expertise, and professionalism are all very valuable to the client. Clients are in need of this service and value your personalized report to prepare them for job interviews and other opportunities.

Depending on your level of professionalism, certifications, experience and the client’s budget, you can charge anywhere between $300 and $1000 for a single report. It is strongly recommended to never charge less than $100 for a report.

Personal Shopper

You may also expand on your report by offering to be the client’s personal shopper for an extra fee. Personal Shoppers go out with clients to retail store to assist the client in picking clothing items that would be flattering to their figure.

Other Tips for Success

  • Create A Company Name For yourself

Have some business cards printed by a professional printer. Many local print/copy shops offer this service for $30 or less. You may even find websites online that will print you cards for even less.

  • Dress Professionally

You can earn certification in the Image Consulting Field as a Personal Shopper and Wardrobe Assistant online with The ImageMaker, Inc.®. Certification gives you the extra knowledge and professionalism to charge more for your services.

Included Resources

  • To further your knowledge on this subject the additional resources have been included with this system:
    From Head to Soul For Women eBook
  • Figure Analysis Course
  • From Head to Soul for Men eBook
  • Business Levels Style Guide

What To Charge Clients

With this system you can easily perform a style analysis on your clients. What you charge your clients for this specialized service is up to you. Be sure to factor in these items when making a decision on what to charge a client.

  • Cost of :
    • Printing
    • Binding (staples, report covers, binders)
    • Advertising (if you choose to advertise in newspaper, Facebook ad, etc)
    • Transportation to client
    • This system
    • YOUR TIME!!!!!




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