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In the past, color was thought of as a symbol.

Kings wore royal purple robes to designate power; men were uniformed to denote what army they belonged to.
In ancient tribes, the more colors a man wore, the more distinctive he was regarded.

Color is the most important aspect of your outfit. You can wear any color you want if you know how to wear it.

You can “break” the rules if you know how! Did you know that we are judged over 60% on the colors we choose?

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Why the color analysis process can help you

To understand why the color analysis process is especially relevant. It is mostly important to noteworthy, that at the time, we learned to pay attention to color. We learned that red said STOP; a fire engine said STOP and a red light meant STOP! Colors on labels affect whether we buy a product. Restaurants use colors to create a certain atmosphere. Color affects us. As much as 60% of what people first notice is color. We react involuntarily to color. When you see a person dressed in black, that person stands with authority.

People are very subjective about color. They have favorite colors and they like certain colors on them.

Holiday Inn changed an old sign from yellow-green and orange to mostly green with a small amount of yellow and orange and that change, according to Carlton Wagner, from the Wagner Institute for Color Research in Santa Barbara, California, sent a signal that the roadside motel of the 1950’s was sprucing up its act. Green, he says, attracts more sophisticated people than orange and yellow. According to Wagner, you must match color carefully to your audience. High socio-economical groups generally respond to complex and dark colors whereas lower income groups respond to simple and highly saturated colors. COLOR AS a SYMBOL

There is no question that people look better in some colors than in others. However, it is highly individual. Research shows that people wearing light colors seem friendlier and more likeable than those in darker attire. If you wear clothing that makes you look somber, your popularity and credibility may suffer and cause business and social problems.

If you are a guest on television, you need to wear more color in your makeup and in your clothing.

Color represents many things.

Men were uniformed to denote what army they belonged to and in ancient tribes, the more colors a man wore; the more distinctive he was regarded.

Color symbols vary from culture to culture. Color is considered one of the most useful and powerful design tools you have.

People respond to different colors in different ways and these responses take place on a subconscious and emotional level. In our American culture, black has long been associated with death, while white is believed to signify life and purity.

  • In the Orient, however, white is the traditional color of mourning.
  • Black has also come to suggest sophistication and formality in the United States.
  • Americans generally associate trust stability with blue, while Koreans have this reaction to pink and other pastel colors.

According to research from he University of Vancouver, the pen color you use may affect your thinking. Red Ink sharpens focus, making it good for detail work. Blue enhances creativity, which is ideal for brainstorming.
Do not underestimate what color can represent!

Steps to Color Analysis

  • Step One – Do a subjective test
  • Step Two – Personality Test


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