Business Etiquette Course


Your mastery to create a trust environment by properly improve communication will prevail over your technical skills. The business etiquette its knowing how to regard the interests and feelings of each people working with you, while minimizing misapprehension.

This course will allow you to learn the basics of the conventions, rules, and traditions written or unwritten of the business etiquette. Even though the business etiquette may vary from one country to another, if you can master the fundamentals, you will stand out professionally with more confidence.

With this course of Business Etiquette fundamentals, you will also be able to improve your communication and your credibility in front of high or middle managers and HR professionals.

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Social and Business Etiquette

Think more about how you come across to people. So are you treating others the way in which you would like to be treated?
As a result, It does not “cost anything” to be kind, giving and smile to others. Above all, Remember, Perception is Reality.

This Business Etiquette, Posture and Poise course is composed of 59 PowerPoint® slides. It will enable you to give you and your students all the information they need to know about in these three critical image areas.

It is very important to identify yourself and to introduce others. Here some business etiquette examples.

  • Be natural when you do not remember a name, admit it and continue with the introduction..
  • You perceive that someone does not remember your name, so graciously supply it to prevent his or her embarrassment.
  • Correct pleasantly the person who incorrectly pronounces your name.
  • When you do not remember a name, say, “I’m sorry, would it bother you to tell me your name?” Then introduce yourself.
  • The order of introduction in the business arena is determined by precedence:
  • Introduce a younger person to an older person:
    “Mrs. Brown, I’d like you to meet Alice Adams.”
  • Introduce one person to a group of people—state newcomer first, then other names in order of position around the room.
  • Always look at the person you are introducing and be confident and in control.
  • Mention the most important person first. “Mr. Smith, this is Miss Jones, our new District Manager.”
  • Introduce Men to women except when the man is a higher-ranking person. Introduce women to Ambassadors, Clergy, or Presidents.>


Walking should be a relaxed motion

  • You must be comfortable with your body.
  • Stand with knees slightly bent
  • Abdomen pulled in
  • Chest high
  • Shoulders low, level, and relaxed
  • Flexed knees and elbows
  • Head held high
  • Chin parallel to the floor
  • Feet pointed straight forward


Poise is grace and beauty in physical movement.

  • The letting go of tension and apprehension is Poise.
  • The greatest enemy of visual poise is inferiority.
  • Stand, walk and think TALL. Poise encompasses attractive posture when walking and sitting, solid eye contact and smiling.

Remember that the road to success is always under construction… You must strive for excellence daily


  • It takes 5 seconds to make an impression.
  • Just 21 days are enough to start a pattern.
  • Become automatic in only 100 days.
  • 30 days are necessary to forget a message.
  • In 24 hours, we lose 66% of a message.
  • It takes 8 days of constant reminding to have 90% retention in 30 days.

Business Etiquette Tips

Although it is a fear for many people, at some point in our careers we may be asked to speak in front of a group of people. Here are some tips that may help and, improve professional business etiquette:

  • Be prepared.
  • Know your information by heart.
  • It is fine to say, “I don’t have the answer. Give me some time and I will find out for you.”
  • Focus on the message you are delivering.
  • Never turn your back to an audience.
  • Never read off a flip chart or transparency.
  • Be prepared to answer questions on your topic.



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