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What is a Business Consultant

A good consultant is similar to a lawyer, beautician, or psychologist. All must be good listeners, and listening is an art. If you ask a psychologist how often a patient comes to him/her with a problem, which is not the problem at all, but only a smoke screen for the real one; the answer is “almost always.”

When you do not know what the problem is, you must have the gift of listening intently, with both ears, and be truly receptive.

Consultants are

  • Specialists: they provides in-depth, state-of-the-art knowledge that is usually beyond the capability of a company.
  • Generalists: this consultant has advanced knowledge that covers several industries and applies this experience to the client’s problem.
  • Teachers: they use their knowledge strictly to solve client problems. The consultant is called each time the client has a different problem.
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If you plan to be in business, you must become aware of proper business consulting.

Business Consulting is a demanding profession so, requires certain qualities to succeed. First of all, you must have all of your own image complete before you can help another. You needs brains, and also charisma as well.

A good business consultant is adventurous.

Furthermore in business consulting, one of the main reasons a client is there to see someone is because that she/he has been doing the same things with the same attitudes for too long without self-examination.
Above all it is possible for you to be honest, without disrespect. There is a fine line that a good business consultant knows how to work with.

The business consulting process

Is finally best understood with awareness of these things, along with knowledge, skill, credibility, personality, code of ethics and lifestyle. Furthermore, consulting is a process that normally has stages. Also, the difference between a successful consultant and an unsuccessful one lies in the understanding of the following steps of the consulting process.

Steps to start Business Consulting

  • Starting your Business Consulting Practice
  • Developing your Business
  • Securing Clients
  • Working with the Client
  • Implementation of Plan

A good consultant is curious and questions things. The more information you have, the better you can work.

You need to be a person with high standards for yourself—and be self motivated enough to constantly push yourself to meet those standards.

  • You must be an inner-directed person.
  • Your self-confidence is the main ingredient for your success

Getting started Business Consulting

As an independent, no longer confined to restricted working hours, working days, and a working place, no longer required to attend endless meetings and no longer dealing with other employees, you will be able to accomplish so much in less time and that time is time that you choose.

Technical skills for Business Consulting

Technical skills determine whether the consultant has something valuable to offer the client, such as, in particular, the ability to apply his or her expertise to the client’s problem. In addition, technical skills include the ability to find and solve problems.


Communication skills—the ability to convey important information—are another essential requirement. Consultants communicate in a lot of ways: oral, nonverbal, written, and visual.


Interpersonal skills demonstrate the ability to use effectively the behavior of both the consultant and the client during the engagement. These skills include the ability to apply knowledge about the consulting process and about human and organization dynamics.

    • The client is first a human being
    • Then a businessperson
    • Then a person you consult.
    • The client has needs, predispositions and feelings that the consultant must acknowledge. Being just qualified as a consultant is not enough.

Business Consulting Code Of Ethics

You must place the client’s interest in front of your own. As a result this means keeping client information confidential, working within your area of expertise and even more, monitoring your own performance. A large amount of our listening is work related. Listening is mostly important in social functions, entertainment, self-enlightenment, and interpersonal relations on various levels.


Someone once said, “The harder I work, the luckier I get.” Consultants who do not realize their full potential sometimes chalk it up to “bad luck.” Luck is great, but for most consultants, chance circumstances are not the main detriment to success.

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