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Business Casual

A good definition is that business casual is a “less formal business look that is well coordinated and clean.”

Before Casual Days were implemented, the workforce knew what to wear in an office environment. Managers wore a crisp, white shirt. Employees usually wore a blue shirt.

Countless studies have shown that there is a direct correlation between what one wears and how one thinks, feels, behaves, and how others react to us.

Although casual clothing can work in the workplace, there needs to be a specific policy in place that is “written in stone.” This policy MUST be set from the beginning so there is no challenge with people who are against this. This policy should be discussed in the decision making process.

Fifty-four percent of Human Resource Managers say casual wear reduces status, and improved communication in the office.

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What is business casual and how this course can help you?

Business casual can mean different things to different employers. So, If you are having difficulty explaining the concept of “Business Casual” to your employees, this is the seminar for you.

Uniform → Conformity → Comfort = Casual Dress

One of the reasons market researchers say that companies have moved toward casual business wear is that baby boomers, who grew up in jeans, never wanted to go toward the gray flannel suit.

This was never meant to drastically change the skirted suit for woman and suits for men. Before anyone knew it, people were confused about what was casual and there did not seem to be apparent guidelines.

Dressing casually drastically changed the skirted suit for woman and suits for men. Before anyone knew it, people were confused about what was casual and there did not seem to be apparent guidelines. Thank Goodness, the suit has returned to many workplaces.


You can run toward professional or away!

Casual Friday has turned into a “nightmare” for many companies. While a good idea at the time, and still a good idea, if done correctly, few knew what to wear, when you are a work, you are at work. Clothes you wear on the weekend are not for work. Gone are the days of the Power Suit in many offices. Women are dressing in short skirts and open-toe shoes, men in golf shirts with khaki pants and tennis shoes and even jeans by both genders. Casual Friday has turned into Casual Everyday!


What messages are we sending to our clients?

It used to be that the standard business attire would be a dark suit, a white shirt, and a contrasting tie for men and a matched suited skirt for women. For conservative industries, such as insurance, banking, accounting, and financial services, you wore the traditional suit. In advertising or entertainment industries, you were more individual in your dress. Manufacturing Industries often had uniforms, and Technology Industries never say a need for a dress policy. If you worked from home, you could work in your pajamas!

If one used common sense, one would know that they should not wear athletic clothing shorts, T-shirts, novelty buttons, baseball hats or anything that does not project a business image.


A new professionalism has been born.

The companies now recognize the workforce as individuals, with various personalities and tastes.
Business casual can mean different things to different employers. There is no strict definition of the phrase. In some cases, business casual attire means pressed khakis and a button-down long-sleeved shirt. To other companies, it might mean dress jeans and a polo shirt. Geographic location can define “business casual.”


Business Casual is:

  • Well thought-out clothing
  • Coordinated clothing
  • Showing a well-groomed appearance
  • Navy blazers
  • Fine sweaters

Business Casual “Rules”

  • Secure a basic wardrobe
  • Purchase a suit with a classic
  • Have classic pants in your closet
  • You may wear a classic vest
  • White or crème blouses/shirts.
  • You can wear a printed shirt
  • You can wear slacks to coordinate with a jacket



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