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Welcome to The Elite International Image & Coaching Certification Program (All Inclusive) – 4.0 CEU’s.

Please call Dr. Joyce on Skype for a  Complementary Consultation at which time she will discuss with you the procedure of payment and downloads. If the Skype line is busy, please leave a message and Dr. Joyce will Skype you back as soon as possible. Your call will be answered within 48 hours. Should you not be on Skype, here are directions:

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Are you interested in being an image consultant and/or coach? Do you want to excel in any type of business by learning about what Image Management Strategists know? Do you want to excel in the business you are now in?

Have you already trained with another trainer? That’s great! However, to be successful, you need many different perspectives. Training must continue for you to stand out in any profession. And, working with a mentor can cement you in your niche and teaching style.

Do you know that people who are successful use Image Professionals to gain an advantage over those who do not have a “behind the scenes” person helping them to be their best?

You might enjoy this Online Study Program to learn how, so you can have the same advantages in both your professional and personal life.

Learn from a mentor who teaches the coaches! There is a difference. Read below:

What is the difference between Training, Coaching & Mentoring?

Training is an organized activity aimed at imparting information and/or instructions to improve the recipient’s performance or to help him or her attain a required level of knowledge or skill. Once a trainer has taught you, their job is done. These people may or may not have academic training themselves.

Coaching is training or development in which a person called a coach supports a learner in achieving a specific personal or professional goal. Occasionally, coaching may mean an informal relationship between two people, of whom one has more experience and expertise than the other and offers advice and guidance as the latter learns; but coaching differs from mentoring in focusing on specific tasks or objectives, as opposed to general goals or overall development. Anyone can call themselves a coach! Most coaches work with you up to one-year maximum.

Mentoring is the top tier of training, as it includes organized activity, support AND focusing on what the mentee needs. A mentor has a high level of academic education, such as a Ph.D. A mentor who guides a less experienced person by building trust and modeling positive behaviors. An effective mentor understands that his or her role is to be dependable, engaged, authentic, and tuned into the needs of the mentee. A mentor could work with you for one month to forever. It’s up to the mentor! A mentor will work with you for infinity!

When choosing a program to take in your industry, STOP and do research. Talk to others about their experience. It is not about the price. People must pay for value and a high set of experiences. At one time, Dr. Joyce paid a mentor $3,000 for one month of mentoring, which included only four phone conversations. He gave her some tests and they talked about them.

It was the best $3,000 she ever spent. He taught her about people and their needs. He explained the need for assessing herself on a regular basis, and to assess her mentees as well, and explained to her that, “Some people are so weak, they can’t like you”. Many are afraid of what you will do, next. Remember, he said, “When people shun you, it’s about their self-esteem, not yours”. They must belong to a group for their “belonging needs.” He went on to say that “If you really want to be successful, you MUST have tough skin or pretend you do!” He told Dr. Joyce to be the Lone Ranger!!

In retrospect, Dr. Joyce knows she should have listened at that time, but her personality lent itself to “go along to get along.” In the past few years, she took his advice and her life has changed for the better. Offers are coming in she only imagined about before that. She became diversified and entered more than one area of expertise, helping authors grow with a new book, doing many radio shows, certifying people, and becoming a social site strategist. She met some amazing people who are now friends who recommend everything she does. She learned how to stand on her own. People respect her for her strength and dedication to everything she does.

Now, she is a mentor and teach others to mentor.

As a Mentor with a PhD., AICI CIM (Certified Image Master) and a Distance Learning Examiner Certification awarded from Notre Dame, Dr. Joyce can help you through all the elements of a course that meets you at YOUR level and works with you. We work as a team, until you reach advanced levels of achievement.

To her knowledge, no other onsite program has this credential.


Notre Dame University – Quite an Honor!

What students have said!

This letter is in reference to my experience with Dr. Joyce Knudsen, and what a life changing experience it has been to work with her. Working with her has been amazing. I enrolled in the Elite Image Consulting course. In my opinion this has been the best investment I could have made. The course was challenging, yet it was exactly what I needed for growth. Not only did she, and this course help me to grow from a business perspective, but personally as well. I gained the necessary tools to propel the knowledge and confidence needed to be successful in this field. Dr. Joyce pushed me to levels of thinking and doing, that I hadn’t tapped into in a while, if ever before. The course that she has designed helped me to identify my strength, and weaknesses, and enhance where there was lack. Her investing in me beyond the materials is greatly appreciated and shows her passion to see her clients succeed. She truly knows what going the extra mile is all about. Dr. Joyce is humble enough to meet you were you are, identify what is needed and provide that which is needed and more. No matter social status, economical, or educational level. She looks at the person. She stands by all and gives her complete attention, making the experience very personal. She has a gift and she loves to share. Mildred R. Dewberry (Jenny)

I would like to thank you for the International Image & Coaching Certification experience. I believe I made a great decision of taking the course from someone, who is not only a trusted name in the field, but more importantly, someone who is encouraging, dedicated and passionate to help others become better in every way possible. I truly appreciate how you have made yourself always available and how you have generously expressed recognition for my work. The contents of the course, without doubt, were rich and relevant. On the other hand, the assignments and learning outcomes pushed me to discipline myself and excel in what I do — both of which, I believe, are significant life lessons that are not acquired through other programs. Again, thank you for empowering me for the years ahead — both in my professional and personal growth. I look forward to applying what I have learned through your program and mentorship.


As one who has had the opportunity on many occasions to work with you and review your self-study course materials for image training, I have continually been impressed with the quality of the information you provide to your students. I judge the quality based on my many years in the field of communications, both as an executive in communications at IBM and as an independent communications consultant. In sum, I believe students using your materials will have received sound, highly relevant training in the field of image consulting.


Read full letterRead Testimonial letter from Paul Barton

As a mentor, it is my job to work side-by-side along with you to give you leadership skills, direction and set realistic goals for each person’s specific needs. By the time a person reaches coaching levels, they can pay it forward by acting as a coach to others and with time and experience can become a true mentor who teaches clients “from the heart,” and becomes a “true giver” in helping to pay it forward to others.


              Dr. Joyce’s mantra is “She works for you!”

The International Elite & Coaching Certification Program (4.0 CEU’S) is an all Exclusive Program. We believe that this is YOUR program and work toward YOUR needs, together……we work as a team…one-on-one.

           WHAT YOU RECEIVE!! 

  • One on one business coaching/mentoring for as long as your need. Mentoring is NOT the same as Training where you are trained. Mentoring is sticking with you for the life of your business (or mine!)
  • Option to spend a day in Nashville with face to face time with Dr. Joyce Knudsen.
  • Two one-hour telephone calls/Skype per month!
  • Unlimited email help from Dr. Joyce.
  • Extras, such as helping with web site creation (wording only,) proposals and anything else you want help with for the life of my business. Dr. Joyce Knudsen has 30 years of experience working as a Business Strategist. I will share my resources with you, as well.
  • Should you desire, you would receive CEU’s from AICI.
  • Elite International Image & Coaching Program Certification.
  • Master Executive Coach Certification.
  • We work together until YOU decide it’s time to go on your own.

The Elite Course is a complete comprehensive course for preparation to excel in Business and in Life. You can use these certifications to work in the Image Management Industry, the Coaching Industry, or Any Industry where Image Matters! (Don’t they all?)

You can also work to become a MENTOR for no extra cost after this program is completed! This certification has been awarded to people of HR, Marketing and Sales Professions and is not limited to Image Management Professionals. In fact, many of my clients do not belong to any association! They work as Independent Contractors for companies and corporations.

You have the choice to work with Dr. Joyce for certification even if you are not interested in CEU’s. You can choose AICI Approved Certification or Dr. Joyce’s ImageMaker® Certification approved by many outside sources as shown by her certifications from DETC and Notre Dame. If you choose this option, you can take Fashion/Wardrobe Certifications, Try Me Certification & Certified Seminar Leader & she is constantly adding new courses.

Complete the program at home, on lunch breaks, and in your own free time – anywhere in the world. You will be given my cell number, skype address and toll-free number, so that you are ALWAYS able to reach me.

You don’t have to leave your home to become an amazing Image Professional

Here is an example of subjects:

FASHION WARDROBE FOR WOMEN which will explain the 14-point system, elements of a basic wardrobe, cool and warm colors, petites, and full-figured women.

FASHION WARDROBE FOR MEN teaches about men’s success in social and business situations. It includes office and social dress, choosing suits, shirts patterns, and color for men, body types and styles, and business guidelines.

MAKEUP AND SKINCARE, teaches you about skin needs, beauty burglars, what belongs in a make-up kit, how to apply makeup properly, and so much more.

COLOR ANALYSIS will teach you about color history, the three mainstays of color, color harmony, flow, and palettes. We hired scientists to give you the most up-to-date color information on the market and you will receive all that information! Sixty percent of what people first see is color!

FIGURE ANALYSIS – is designed to teach you about body and figure types, lines and silhouette, lifestyle dressing, and the do’s and don’ts of dressing with proportions. Be sure to go to tab (Marketing Materials to see the Figure Magic ® and Physique Power ® to see the “Kit” designed for Wardrobe and Personal Shoppers. This revolutionary program was designed to develop a client portfolio for your clients….one charge, no per-report fee, and no annual fee.

In this Elite Course, you can be a beginning, intermediate and advanced consultant, as we work with you at YOUR level.

You receive two areas of expertise that will help you to excel in ANY field, especially Image Consulting, where people, not only need to have the information about appearance, but need to understand personality, behavior, and verbal and nonverbal communication.

Dr. Knudsen believes in the principle:

Model someone who has already reached the goal you want to achieve.”

Dr. Joyce M. Knudsen mastered the Image Profession. She was the very first person to achieve MASTER STATUS distinction in AICI, The Premier Image Association, in the year, 2000. She is an accepted/invited/listed member listed with the premier directory of Life Coach Practitioners. Her Distance Learning Training was held at Notre Dame and her training in assessments came from TTI, Inscape, Dr. Tony Alessandra, Innermetrix and many more! 

Not a member of AICI? No problem!
Many people who have signed up for this program just want the information to better themselves! For many reasons, many nurses and doctors take this course! We are equipped to help you prepare for the levels of certification you need to excel within AICI.


YES! You can become a Certified Image Management Strategist and Corporate Coach or if you choose, a qualified MENTOR and ASSESSMENT COUNSELOR! You can do this at home, in your own time, with our AICI approved ELITE Excellence Course. Dr. Joyce will work with you for as long as you need. That is her word to you!

Before others followed suit with their own distance learning programs, (at first, people laughed at this concept!) Dr. Joyce originated Distance Mentoring Programs for Image Consultants, Worldwide. For the past 15 years, these programs have been time-tested and validated by hundreds of thousand people, who have gone on to become successful in their professions, be it image or other avenues. They have been on the AICI Board, started International Chapters and achieved many other high accolades.

We offer the complete package of all the information you will need to excel as a qualified Image Professional and Life Coach.

“We will work with you for as long as you need to bring you up all the levels of certification. In fact, we look forward to it!”  ~ Dr. Joyce/td>


Learn from an AICI Master and a Ph.D.

Lots of surprises to come, first with the continued development of amazing educational resources. Join Dr. Joyce in her venture to become the well-informed consultant, who already has 1.12M on Twitter and has conquered the art of business. She wants to share all of what she has gleaned over the years with YOU!

Learn from a woman who, in her 7th decade is wanting her legacy to one of Paying It Forward to you, her students and client base. She is a woman who REFUSES TO QUIT

© 2017 Dr Joyce Knudsen.


You need to talk with Dr. Joyce before buy a certification program.

Please call Dr. Joyce on Skype for a Complementary Consultation at which time she will discuss with you the procedure of payment and downloads. If the Skype line is busy, please leave a message and Dr. Joyce will Skype you back as soon as possible. Your call will be answered within 48 hours. Should you not be on Skype, here are directions:

SkypeCall SmartphonePut Message 1-888-845-5600 DownloadSkypeDownload Skype
Sharla L. McCoy
“As you can imagine in the competitive business I work in, every little edge I can get to help me better myself professionally is a plus Dr. Joyce Knudsen’s personal mentoring and coaching program has helped me define my career goals, build a plan and assist me while traveling on the road to success! Her follow through is top of the line along with her friendly persistence and positive attitude making her the best in this field. Dependability and Dynamic describes Dr. Joyce Knudsen. I am honored to be one of her clients.
Dr. Maxine Rossman
“I was Joyce Knudsen’s doctoral mentor and Adviser at Capella University. Her program, which consisted of courses such as Biological Basis of Behavior, Cognitive-Affective Basis of Behavior, Social Influences of Behavior, Theories of Personality and Professional and Scientific Ethics, provided a theoretical framework for the exploration of self-concept and image. Dr. Knudsen’s doctoral program explored the areas of image, career development and job placement. I believe Joyce’s doctoral work has added academic credibility and social consciousness to the field of image consulting and will help take the field to the next level.” She is highly qualified to be a mentor in self-esteem and personal development. I recommend her, highly!
Terri Williams
Terri Williams Panache Career Strategies
The robust learning objectives of the elite program, will serve as a guide for my earning the certification as a Certified Image Professional (CIP). This designation will provide me credibility and "say" to the people outside of the world of Image, "I'm competent." and "I know the proper subject matter." It also shows that I took the time, worked toward a degree and accomplished a higher level of achievement than others in the field. Read the full letter from Terri Williams
Lisa Kucik Palo Alto, CA
"I have heard that there are 10 life changing events in a person's life that define who they are. I would have to say that connecting with Joyce is among my top 5 life changing moments! One of my best assets is being able to get a sense of people and how they work. In the short time that I have researched the business of Image Consulting I have met many people. I have found that there are few people in this business who are genuinely interested in teaching others how to become successful; I was becoming discouraged. I researched all that I could and came across Joyce's website. After contacting her, she immediately took an interest in me. Joyce never once doubted my abilities and always encouraged me. She almost believes in me more than I do myself. Her courses are all encompassing, well organized and of the highest caliber. The day that I met Joyce in person, I was attending a color workshop of a colleague of hers. I was walking down the hall, having never met her in person, and saw a gorgeous, woman with such a warm presence about her and immediately knew who she was. Out of the hundreds of people in that hotel that day I knew that warm, smiling person had to be Joyce. When I introduced myself, she gave me a hug as if she had known me for years. I will always be grateful to Dr.Joyce and consider her to not only be my mentor, but also my friend."
"I would like to remind you that all of the acts of kindness and caring that you do, often unknown to the world, are always seen by our heavenly Father. He has given you a special spirit and you have allowed Him to use you to reach, touch and heal others. Never let anyone discourage you. You have been making a difference for a long time and you will always be a great value to the world. That's who you are."
Rosa Di Toro Italy
"Dear Joyce, In your mentoring program, the subjects are very useful and complete---A Highly Professional Service Your program is so special and "unique," because you personalize the service. This is a HUMAN SERVICE; the information that I learned from you cannot be found in a manual, a book or in a 2 week seminar. It is nice to meet the mentor, but in your case, you do not go away after the seminar ends. After seminars, you remain, alone and you have to do everything by yourself, With your mentoring program, I never felt alone. You have helped me any time I needed it and this has no price! Your course is the best money I never invested in my career as an image consultant. You give people confidence and practical solutions to their needs!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH SINCERELY!! YOU ARE THE BEST!!"