The ImageMaker, Inc.® is the only Academic Partner with the Association of Image Consultants, International, having earned the First Certified Image Master In 1990, Ph.D. and Distance Learning Accredtation from Notre Dame University. She is a charter member of AICI starting out when AFIC and AIC merged into AICI. Graduates receive One Free Year of membership ($295))
Soft Skills are also known as People Skills and are personal attributes that enable someone to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people. They are important because while your technical skills can get you hired, your people skills are what will keep you invaluable to your employer. Certification%20Program
All Inclusive - 4.0 CEU’s.
Are you interested in being an image consultant and/or coach? Do you want to excel in any type of business by learning about what Image Management Strategists know?
3.0 CEU’s
Learn how to excel as a Wardrobe Consultant and Personal Shopper with our Certification Program. Complete this certification program at home, on lunch breaks, and in your own free time
2.4. CEU’s
This course offers you an intensive training that has changed lives and can change yours. An awareness of who you are and working toward understanding others will advance you in any career you choose for your life’s work.