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A trained and qualified professional who can earn up to $150 an hour or $1,200 helping clients choose the proper clothing and fashion.

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This letter is in reference to Dr. Joyce Knudsen’s unique ability to successfully coach clients, resulting in positive changes in their personal and professional lives.

I have met several of her clients and they feel they owe their success to her. I personally believe that much of her success is due to the personal interest she takes in each and every client. In the process of identifying strengths and weaknesses she formulates an individualized plan to help the client strengthen their weaknesses and utilize their strengths to soar to new heights. Dr. Knudsen meets the needs of each individual client by becoming mentor, teacher, cheerleader and friend. She cares passionately about each person and each person’s success and failures. She is the first to praise or to encourage, whatever the need.

Joyce Knudsen has mastered the art of listening which is a key point in coaching. She is also one of those rare individuals able to relate to persons of any social, educational or economical level while helping them achieve success.

Sincerely, Lynnis Hornsby, Director, Volunteers and Community Resources


A quote from a very satisfied customer puts it best:
“What I like about you is that you do not sell; you listen to our needs and then provide us with a solution.”

Laura Swanson Leezer, Vice President And Director of Marketing, Citizens National Bank, Macomb, Il 61455


Having spent the last thirty years building my career, raising my children, and working on personal growth and development issues, I began to consider the possibility of retirement from my current position as a trial attorney. Searching for a new look, free from “power suits”, I realized I did not have a clue as what to choose for an over age 55 woman who wanted a “classy” mature look. I began my search using books and the internet, and discovered Dr. Joyce Knudsen of The ImageMaker, Inc.

The primary reason for my choosing to work with Dr. Knudsen was the fact that she recognizes the need for one to first work on one’s inner issues (self-esteem, self-confidence etc.) before attempting to change one’s outer appearance. (In my opinion, the old adage “clothes do not make the (wo)man” is very true.) Working with Dr. Knudsen was a delightful and uplifting experience. After taking several inventory profiles, I was able to validate what I already knew about myself, as well as to identify those areas in which more growth was possible. These profiles also gave Dr. Knudsen information to assist her in understanding who I am and what I am about, and therefore she was better able to advise me on both my inner work and my outer appearance. Words cannot do justice to the experience of going shopping for clothing, shoes, accessories, etc., with Dr. Knudsen along to advise you as to what would work best for you. Picture this – you enter a shop with Dr. Knudsen, and within minutes, she is perusing racks of clothing, choosing a pair of pants here, a blouse there, and then shoes, purses, etc. from the other side of the shop, and seemingly within a matter of minutes, she has chosen the perfect outfit to transform you from “staid and matronly” to “classy and sassy” (not to mention her ability to locate very good bargains along the way!). Dr. Knudsen covered all bases with me – hairstyle, makeup, eye/sun glasses, clothing and accessories, and she left no stone unturned in an attempt to obtain what would work best for the look I wanted to achieve.

All one needs to do, and be, is a willing student, as Dr. Knudsen is both a caring and energetic teacher. If you are prepared to give your best effort on becoming all you can be, Dr. Knudsen will be there to guide and support you, cheering you on all the way. I am learning that one can choose to approach the 55 years in a variety of ways. For me, bring on the obligatory gold retirement watch, but make mine “classy, yet sassy”!!

Jane Rodgers, trial attorney, Southeastern United States


For the past few years, I have been in a state of transition precipitated by a divorce after 15 years of marriage and the death of my daughter. I am also moving from a student role to a faculty position at a local university. Before all this happened, I had not paid too much attention to my appearance. I was raising 2 children alone, going to school, working part-time, and my life was very hectic. On many mornings, I would just grab whatever clothes were clean, put my hair in a ponytail and head out the door in sweats or jeans, a t-shirt and sneakers. Like many mothers, I put the needs of my children first and felt I had no time for clothes shopping, manicures or make-up lessons.

Then my life changed and these changes made me reexamine my priorities. I realized that I wanted to be my authentic self (who I had become as a result of my experiences) not who I once was in another life that didn’t work out the way I had planned. I wanted to see this new “self” reflected back to me when I looked in the mirror. I knew that my life was not over because I was divorced, had lost 1 child and the other was almost grown. I still had something to contribute to the world beyond the raising of children, and I had become stronger, more resilient and more compassionate as a result of my experiences.

I believe that how people face the challenges that confront them in life will help them know who they really are. I knew that I had grown and changed as a result of my experiences, and Joyce helped me reflect those changes in how I present myself to the world. I would highly recommend Joyce to anyone who seriously wants to make themselves over from the inside out.

Bette Moore, Ph.D., Vanderbilt University Professor


The best strategy for success in business has always been to “find a need and fill it,” and that is exactly what you have done in image consultant training. In doing that, you have benefited, not only your own company, but people around the world who want to become image consultants.
You have done this in several ways: Three examples: Your development of home study courses, eliminating the need for aspiring image consultants to undergo the expense and inconvenience of traveling to a seminar; your development of personalized one-on-one on-site instruction and your lifetime free consulting for people taking your courses. Joyce, you have found needs and filled them – and your students are the real winners.

  1. Paul Barton–Sellfire Value Marketing, LLC


“As you can imagine in the competitive business I work in, every little edge I can get to help me better myself professionally is a plus Dr. Joyce Knudsen’s personal mentoring and coaching program has helped me define my career goals, build a plan and assist me while traveling on the road to success! Her follow through is top of the line along with her friendly persistence and positive attitude making her the best in this field. Dependability and Dynamic describes Dr. Joyce Knudsen. I am honored to be one of her clients.

Sharla L. McCoy, Producer, Sharla McCoy & Associates, Nashville, TN.


“I have found Joyce Knudsen to personally be one of the most professional and genuine human beings in AICI. She is competent, caring, honest and trustworthy in word and deed. Her behavior exemplifies a true professional of the highest standards. As a student of her Home Study Program, I can truly say she is dedicated to providing outstanding mentoring. She has always displayed a sincere altruistic interest in my business by helping me to achieve success. I have found Joyce’s practice of image coaching to be one of credibility and integrity.”

Carol Meyer, R.D.H. New York


“Joyce Knudsen allowed me the opportunity to intern at her business, The ImageMaker, Inc. She taught me about business management, marketing/public relations and image consulting. Joyce seems to be able to “bring out the best” in everyone. She taught me how to relate to people effectively and to listen to them. She has taught me that everyone is special and has unique talents and if we all work together to bring out the best in each other and situations, there is no stopping success. I feel very proud to have been a part of The ImageMaker, Inc.”
Michelle Thurman


“Joyce not only cares and works with the person to help them to become a person with ‘From Head to Soul” utilizes inner & outer image, but she displays so eloquently a professional and caring image herself. She has made a difference in my life.”

Laurie Anderson, Nashville, Tennessee


I have worked with Dr. Knudsen for nearly ten years now. We have had a close and consistent business relationship. I have found her to be steadfast and supportive in everything she does, and I have seen firsthand how she develops programs and ideas.

Her mentoring program is different from anything I have seen elsewhere. It provides her clients with the support and encouragement that they need to be successful. It includes the necessary information, but also includes a level of personal interactivity that is not found in other programs. Joyce has truly created a new way of instructing and supporting her clients.

  1. E. (Butch) Terry III, President, WebSpinners’ Guild


“Several years ago, I asked Joyce Knudsen to help me fine tune my image as I prepared to campaign for the presidency of The American Veterinary Medical Association. Joyce listened carefully to the challenges I faced as the first woman to seek and win this elected position in the more than 135-year history of the organization. She crafted a program of improving my public persona to best present myself and my messages. I recommend Joyce to any business or professional person who wants the “outside package” to match the inside person.”

Mary Beth Leininger, DVM, President- American Veterinary Medical Association, Plymouth, Michigan


In 1987, I had the pleasure of being hired by Joyce Knudsen to teach an on-camera acting class for her students enrolled at the ImageMaker, Inc. Instead of a typical “charm school” where students are given only an external, superficial image makeover, Joyce was providing a comprehensive plan to provide an inner-beauty as well. The majority of the students at that time were women and many had a very low self-esteem. As the weeks went by, I watched with growing admiration as these students emerged from their “cocoons” to blossom into confident, competent women whose new image extended far beyond their clothes and makeup, into their very souls. That small start was over 20 years ago, but the principles behind Joyce’s success have remained constant; she’s like “The Little Engine That Could.” No matter what the challenge, Joyce has persevered. Joyce has become “Dr.” Joyce since that time. She is recognized and renowned both at home and abroad. When Joyce realized that she had an important message to share with a multitude of people, with no practical way to make them all come to her, she invented the Home Study Course; a comprehensive course that has no equal.

Respectfully submitted–, Reavis L. Graham, SAG, AFTR


“Joyce offers a wonderful Home Study Program that I highly recommend to new consultants. This is a great program for people like myself who had to travel a distance for this education. Not only does she have the knowledge in the industry, her warmth and encouraging style are her greatest assets.”

LJ Hansen, LJ Hansen Entertainment, Fresno, California


“I was Joyce Knudsen’s doctoral mentor and advisor at Capella University. Her program, which consisted of courses such as Biological Basis of Behavior, Cognitive-Affective Basis of Behavior, Social Influences of Behavior, Theories of Personality and Professional and Scientific Ethics, provided a theoretical framework for the exploration of self-concept and image. Dr. Knudsen’s doctoral program explored the areas of image, career development and job placement. I believe Joyce’s doctoral work has added academic credibility and social consciousness to the field of image consulting and will help take the field to the next level.”

Dr. Maxine Rossman Minneapolis, Minnesota


“As a journalist, I am always looking for professionals who are patient and skilled enough to offer their time and insight to my stories. What impressed me about Dr. Knudsen is her belief that everyone can achieve as she has. She often speaks of the fierce determination that helped her earn her degree. While some would harbor those stories, Dr. Knudsen shares them with the world in her recently published book. Her need to inspire others to sidestep limitations is comforting. When readers call and say they appreciate the detail and advice offered in the articles Dr. Knudsen contributes to, I know they are also commenting on the power of her words and dedication to service. She is a stellar candidate for Master Membership.”

Tasneem Ansariyah-Grace, The TENNESSEAN, Nashville, Tennessee


“For the past four years, it has been my pleasure to know Dr. Joyce Knudsen, who is an innovator in her Image Profession. She is a deeply sensitive and intelligent person, which is apparent when she is at work with anyone.

As an author, Dr. Knudsen has written a score of excellent books. In her book, “Get Out You’re Not College Material”, she champions the cause of the millions of misunderstood children. In her latest publication, “Successful Failures”, Dr. Knudsen focuses on the importance of personal self- esteem. She not only tells you about the necessity of possessing high self-esteem, but she masterfully offers a variety of exercises on how to gain and maintain elevated self-esteem.

As a Self-Image Counselor, Dr. Knudsen has a keen insight into not only reading the external image of a person, but also how to uncover the real, internal image, which is so often hurt and in need of healing.

Dr. Knudsen’s eyes and voice quickly penetrate the inner most being of each person with whom she works. She brings to the professional world a true concern for searching and knowing the hidden self of each person.

Dr. Joyce Knudsen is truly gifted and will always remain in my utmost esteem.”

Dr. Charles R. Cassetta, President, Cassetta Associates


“I have gained a tremendous understanding for the words, credibility, respect, and character Joyce represents in her words daily. She shows unconditional support to those that are willing to work towards their personal goals. She is professional and has on many occasions put others first even while trying to achieve her own challenging goals.”

William H. Bible, New York


“Dr. Knudsen’s prestigious traits include, but are not limited to: sterling character, intuitive insight, keen mind, reasonable Problem-Solving skills, warm sincerity, numerous accomplishments and successes, professional manner, community involvement, leadership skills, tireless energy, expert follow-up performance, thoroughness, constant inspiration to others and a beautifully portrayed image from the inside to the outside.”

Katherine Hodge Maxwell, COO Maxwell Insurance, Brentwood, Tennessee


“I have had the pleasure of mentoring under the expertise of Dr. Knudsen. Dr. Knudsen afforded me the opportunity to openly express my concerns, listening with the utmost patience and interest. She took the time to evaluate and analyze my particular situation before making her recommendations. My initial introduction to Dr. Knudsen was via telephone, which prompted me to make an appointment in an attempt to meet this fabulous person. I truly felt if someone can motivate me over the phone, then I could hardly wait to see what miracles she could perform in person. In the time we spent together, she helped me become aware of my self-worth, the impression I made on others and the significance of my own expertise. She taught me how to better utilize my skills, placing an emphasis on confidence in myself. She taught me the importance of recognizing my potential and improving on my weaknesses while continuing to build my business. This, in turn, has helped to confront business issues, resolving them in a timely and positive manner. I truly believe that Dr. Knudsen helped in my total makeover, a transformation that included my body and soul. I have learned to practice every day, and apply every day, something I learned along the way with Dr. Knudsen.”

Evelyn OJeda, Giovani Skin Studio, Columbia, Tennessee


“After working with Joyce Knudsen, I now have the self-confidence to initiate training, conduct meetings, and communicate effectively with my employer. In fact, I am so impressed by the character, conscientious manner and care that Joyce put into my situation that I am bringing her in for a long-term identity building contract with our hotel.”

Martha A. Yates, Loews Vanderbilt Plaza Hotel


Dr. Knudsen has developed and presented The Home Study Program for over twelve years. She has shown many how to build our businesses through referrals and coached them on the Image profession. Her Home Study is well planned, well executed, extremely well received and fun. No matter what level you are with your business, you always learn something useful.

Dr. Knudsen’s commitment to educating and mentoring image consultants doesn’t end with her programs. She always has time to help new consultants, sharing her knowledge and experience freely, no matter how busy she is. She is more than willing to spend extra time with a consultant, be it for business related advice, or just advice on how to have a fulfilling life.

Dr. Joyce Knudsen is truly committed to education at all levels—individual, industry and international.

Mike Larkin, Software Engineer


I have known Joyce professionally now for 5 years and she has been one of the best consultants our organization has worked with. Her dedication, passion and drive are remarkable, and what makes her one of the best, but it is the inspiration she shares with others that really makes her stand out in my book.

She tirelessly strives to reach out to anyone she can, around the world, and support their dreams of finding a way to both work in an area they love and support themselves while doing it.

I have interacted with these people and it never ceases to amaze me how much of an impact Joyce has had on their life. They are truly inspired by her to chase their own dreams, and she supports them endlessly in this endeavor.

Quite the remarkable lady.

J. Niblick, Founder/Chairman Innermetrix International


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