Included Wardrobe & Personal Shopper Certifications

A trained and qualified professional who can earn up to $150 an hour or $1,200 helping clients choose the proper clothing and fashion.

Wardrobe & Personal Shopper Certifications


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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you AICI?

Many people call me and ask if they will receive their AICI CIC if they take my program. The answer is that AICI is an organization and has developed AICI certification levels of achievement. As the first AICI CIM, I had to take courses to learn what I needed to know before taking their exam (AICI CIC) and then, work my way up to AICI CIP and then AICI CIM. Please direct your AICI questions to AICI and program questions to them.

Where can I purchase Microsoft PowerPoint® and Microsoft Word®?

Microsoft Office can be purchased directly from their website and downloaded immediately to your computer. o

Do I need a projector to give a seminar? 

Projectors are ONE way to display information to a group. MOST conference facilities have multiple monitor displays you may hook a computer up to. Please call and check your room rental. If you intend on being a seminar leader, it is best to bring your own equipment and look extremely professional. Good ways to present are without a projector by working with the people in the room. You can use a projector for emphasis, but not for the entire seminar! Know your topic, get the audience involved with interaction and once in a while (not necessary) put something on the screen.

You may also hold one-on-one seminars using just your computer using Skype.

I would like to purchase my own projector to cut costs, how much do they cost?

Projectors start out at $500 U.S. and can be purchased at office supply stores, or many online locations. If you plan on giving multiple seminars, purchasing a projector is a great investment.

What is your return policy?

Due to the information being registered and trademarked with government offices as Intellectual Property, all purchases are non-refundable.

Do you provide any color materials with this course? 

These courses are individualized to each person who takes it. Everyone is different. You will be provided with information as to what color materials you will need for your individual practice and given wholesale information about how to purchase your color materials, without a middle person involved. Trainers who give you product include this into the price of your course and get a %. Why not get these on your own from where trainers get them from?

How long can I expect to work with you?

I do not put a time limit on how long I work with you. AICI has a time limit for CEU’s of one year. My motto is, “I work for you. “There is no limit to how long we work together. Your success is my success, so we work together for as long as you need. My goal is to make you shine.

How will I know how to begin my business?

At The ImageMaker, Inc ®, this is the best feature, as you receive the business part along with your materials as well as having the mentorship of someone in the business for over thirty years. We work with you to promote your brand and keep moving you up in business. We even write seminars for your specific needs when you are presented with business! We work with individuals, not groups, as everyone has different needs! With over one million followers on Twitter, we will get your name out there!

What is the level of achievement that “sets you apart” from other Image Training Companies?

We truly care about your business needs and take into consideration family needs and personal interests. Unlike onsite courses where you travel and have other expenses, such as airfare and food, you can work from anywhere to achieve the same approved certification online! The best part is that you work one-on-one with a Ph.D. and a AICI CIM & someone who will market your expertise to millions of people.