Included Wardrobe & Personal Shopper Certifications

A trained and qualified professional who can earn up to $150 an hour or $1,200 helping clients choose the proper clothing and fashion.

Wardrobe & Personal Shopper Certifications


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Advisory Board

The Advisory Board was set up for the purpose of having a group of experts help me make decisions about this site. They are my brothers and sisters-by-heart.

JW Najarian: is the founder of Metta Media Group which produces On Purpose Magazine (OPM), Commercial Real Estate Professionals and Investors Group (CREPIG) and US Veteran on LinkedIn. JW has interviewed hundreds of celebrities, thought leaders, business professionals, Artists and Authors on many diverse subjects. CREPIG’s membership is over 20,000 Commercial Real Estate Professionals and Investors and US Veteran has a membership of over 30,000 and helps provide resources, jobs and services to our veterans. JW has been on several boards including CREDAA, MeyVu Products, Humanity Unites Brilliance and is a founding consultant with Apriori Beauty. JW has been quoted in several books including 10 Steps to Successful Sales by Brian Lambert, Abby Road to Ziggy Stardust by Ken Scott. Originally JW comes from an engineering and IT background in process control, change management and project management.

Paul Edwards is the author, along with Sarah, his lovely wife of seventeen non-fiction books that have sold over 2 million copies, which can be found in eBook form on the site’s Middle Class Library. Paul hosted radio and TV shows for twenty years and writes a column with Sarah for the Costco Connection. -Paul Edwards – Author and Advocate for the Middle Class. Co-author with Sarah of 17 books; our new title is Middle-Class Lifeboat: Careers and Life Choices for Navigating a Changing Economy. Columnist for Costco Connection magazine..

W. Paul Barton is president of Sellfire Value Marketing, LLC, Baldwinsville, NY, a marketing services and marketing consulting firm, serving both brick and mortar companies and Internet firms. Former Director of Corporate Advertising Programs for IBM Corporation, Mr. Barton has broad experience selling to both the corporate world and the individual entrepreneur. He has been an accomplished marketer of his own products and marketing consultant to companies ranging from IBM, British Broadcasting US and MONY to small, one-person startup companies like Too Bee Design. He is the author of several books and reports sold around the world on the Internet.

Cathy Payne, RN BSN MS is a recognized leader in the health enhancement field. Since 1975, she has developed and conducted training programs for schools, hospitals, adult education programs, health clubs, churches, corporations and individuals. Her articles have been featured in magazines, newspapers and professional international publications.

Butch Terry is a computer professional and teacher. He has been training people of all ages and facilitating communication among diverse groups for over thirty years. Butch has provided website support and design services to professionals since the earliest days of the internet. He also provides inexpensive and pro bono services to small businesses and start-ups to help entrepreneurs get up and running.

Reavis Graham -Corporate trainer and presenter, both live and on camera, since 1985. Reavis is proficient with satellite interactive broadcasting and presentation skills, and has trained over 200,000 students.

James Pearce is currently employed by International CyberTrans. I have been in the credit card industry for over 20 years, on the issuing and acquiring side. I am a member of the International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators (IAFCI) and Merchant Acquierers Committee (MAC). Registered ISO and MSP of HSBC Bank USA, National Association, Buffalo, NY

International Connections:

Lan Ting – Hong Kong

Neha Malholtz – India

Alexandre MARTY– France

Lilian Bustamante – Chili

Dr. Maxine Rossman

Desmond Chan- China

Riham ElHawary – Egypt