The ImageMaker, Inc.® is the only Academic Partner with the Association of Image Consultants, International, having earned the First Certified Image Master In 1990, Ph.D. and Distance Learning Accredtation from Notre Dame University. She is a charter member of AICI starting out when AFIC and AIC merged into AICI. Graduates receive One Free Year of membership ($295))

About Dr. Joyce

As the Founder of The ImageMaker, Inc.® Communication Group in 1985, many subsidiaries have been formed, such as the Certification Division, Fashion Division, Consulting Division, Self-Esteem & Personal Development Division, Soft Skill Division & Social Site Division.

Dr Joyce had the honor of becoming a celebrated and distinguished image professional from AICI (The Association of Image Consultants, International) & has conquered the field of image to include appearance, behavior and communication. How exciting it was to receive the title of Certified Image Master (AICI CIM) in 2000 from this Premier Image Association.

Having innovated a distance learning program, The ImageMaker, Inc ® became recognized as a Distance Learning Training Program in l999 from Notre Dame University. She was the pioneer of Distance Learning in the Image Industry.

Having written 10 books earning Best Seller: From Head to Soul for Women and From Head to Soul for Men (both in their 4th edition) about Fashion & Style, Dr. Joyce has received tremendous feedback from readers to add to her existing knowledge in the image field.

At the age of 38. Dr. Joyce went to Oakland University, a division of Michigan State & earned a BA in Communication’s. Soon after, she made the decision to earn a Master’s in Business Management and at age 52, earned the ultimate degree of PhD. In Human Services/Psychology.
Through continuing education and working as a fashion model for over 10 years, prior to academic education, she realized that she loved doing print work, television commercials, teaching (head teacher at many pageants and modeling schools) & working with the Famous Patricia Stevens Agency in Troy, Michigan, where she taught fashion for the up and coming models for 10 years. Dr. Joyce became the fashion guru for local newspapers with writing her own column and had her own Television Program for three years with Booth Communication called “The ImageMaker, Presents.” Then, on a lark, Dr. Joyce entered The Modeling Association of America (MAAI) and won…. in three categories: Fashion, Television (Actress) and came in 1st in their Makeup Competition out of 1500 applicants. Imagine her surprise at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York, sitting at a table, knowing noone and being called up to the stage 3 times to win these awards! Then, Dr. Joyce joined AICI, where she won the Award of Excellence for Education and The Immie Award (ImageMakers Merit of Industry Excellence).

In 2009, an opportunity expanded her vast expertise to include the social sites (a new form of communication) that is growing every year. Her social site status became at the top 1% of users worldwide–with over 1.1+ Million Followers on Twitter 27T connections on LinkedIn, 20T on G and many other sites.

After 10 years of producing Inspirational Talk Radio, also produced as a Podcast, Dr. Joyce produced the 12 Minute Inspiration has been heard on many radio outlets, including iHeart. She also has been the Executive Director of The ImageMaker Presents Cable Television Network in Detroit Michigan for three years before re-locating to the Nashville area.

The ImageMaker, Inc ® Communications Group offers the most up-to- date courses in Image Management approved by AICI and DETC. She prides herself on updating all the course information every six months and researching the latest research in the field of Image and Impression Management. Realizing the great need for soft skills, she incorporated these into her Image Program and now has a show on YouTube called Dr. Joyce Webinar Show for Image Consultants, HR and Job Seekers. Her approach to her practice is creating a Strategy for clients for Image (Impression) Management and then helps clients with marketing (the one thing other programs leave out!).

She works side-by- side of every client to clarify what students are seeking in their careers, so they can focus on becoming the success they deserve to achieve. While the outside image (appearance, fashion style) are very important, it is also important to master soft skills (respect, dignity, emotional intelligence).

Dr. Joyce developed the first and only Figure Magic® and Physique Power® Style Portfolio System. This enables clients to take their clients shopping and give them a complete portfolio to work with on the right styles for their figure or physique type.

Her latest book, Refusing to Quit has been a best seller on Amazon. At 73, Dr. Joyce nominated herself to represent women 60 and over to tell the world that we are vibrant, knowledgeable, and ready to rule the world.

See her media, books and radio information, or go to and view her home page.

Her latest interview was with  ethics in the workplace.

Dr. Joyce is the Senior Advisor for IITTI. With her specialty being the study of people and soft skill development, she now holds the title Senior Advisor to the Board of Directors. For information about IITTI, go to

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