Welcome to our Exclusive Elite International Image and Coaching Certification Program – 6.0 CEU

With the Elite International Image and Coaching Certification Program, you will be able to take full advantage of ALL growing markets for image consulting to individuals for both personal and professional image. This program will augment all other image consultant training you may have already had.You will learn ALL the keys to working with individual and companies public relations divisions and to be a wardrobe consultant and/or personal shopper and so much more!

Do any of these apply to you?

  • Friends and Family often compliment you on your style and appearance;
  • You have noticed that It’s very rare to have a second chance to make a good impression;
  • It’s my short-term professional goals, to start my own image consultant business, but I need help getting it done;
  • I’d like to take the time and dedicated energy to self-improvement appearance behavior and communication.

If you agree with at least one of the 4 previous statements, then you are ready to become an image consultant and this course is for you. Like all industries, image consulting is constantly evolving. Image consultant professionals must integrate many cross-functional skills, in order to bring to their customers all the necessary image assessments to make a deep and lasting transformation that go far beyond the simple impr ovement of their image.

As image consultants, we need to master all native skills from fashion consultations, wardrobe consulting personal shopping.

Moreover, in order to make a great difference in a persons life, an image consultant must also master the skills related to appearance, behavior and communication (both verbal and nonverbal).

With the Elite International Image and Coaching Certification Program, you will become able to:

Help your clients improve their image and their self-vision, so they can define their personal style for their personal image and/or professional image.

You will also be able to offer your services to companies wishing to improve the professional image of their employees as part of a clothing policy. You will be brought to work in close collaboration with CEOs, managers, public relations services and emerging leaders.

With the Elite International Image and Coaching Certification Program, you will make the difference personally or professionally in the image consulting and coaching industry.

As part of your training, we will work on the fundamentals of image consulting such as clothing, personal style, etiquette and communication, as well as the development of your transversal and entrepreneurial skills in order to succeed your professional goals.

At the end of the training and your work with Dr. Joyce, you receive high added value image assessment services. Above all, you will be able to accompany personally/professionally your clients to improve their image, so that they send back the image of a confident and trustworthy person.

However, the key to success lies in the interaction you will have with Dr. Joyce throughout the training. As a Ph.D.-Certified AICI CIM, Mentor and Certified Distance Examiner by Notre’Dame, and she will work with you so you know ALL the elements of a course that suits YOUR level of and achievement. You will work as a team until you reach advanced levels of achievement.

Note, Many people claim to be “ImageMaker Trainers.” Check with Dr. Joyce to verify this claim.

Through this comprehensive program the goal of Dr. Joyce and The ImageMaker, Inc.® is to assist you personally or professionally in acquiring cross-functional, behavior and communication skills and specific skills in image consulting trades.so that you start a business right after completing an ImageMaker Course.

You can start Elite International Image and Coaching Certification Program immediately.

Take advantage of the most comprehensive, convenient and valuable Elite International Image and Coaching Certification Program for a worthwhile investment. If you have other questions that remain, you can also check the program FAQ.

You can start your Elite International Image and Coaching Certification Program immediately by getting in touch with our trainers Alexandre Marty or Jenny Dewberry, mentored by Dr Joyce Knudsen Ph. D.

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I have worked with many networks before and I find Gab Radio Network to go the extra mile in working with the needs of the people who work on Radio and Podcasts. I have been on BlogTalkRadio and found them to be unprofessional. Anyone can do a podcast through them. Gab Radio has qualified people in the Broadcast Industry to work with.

I highly recommend Gab Radio to anyone who is going through another resource, that is if you want to be on the most well-known radio resource.

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Joyce Knudsen, PhD

Dr Joyce Knudsen Ph. D.Reviewed GAB Radio Network — 5 star - June 16, 2017

Radio-testimonial-Laurel Weber Synder

I recently was interviewed by Dr. Joyce for her stimulating, inspiring podcast. A true professional as well as a kind and caring soul, she created the perfect atmosphere for us to have a stimulating give and take on the topic of reducing fear and creating confidence in your presentation communication skills. Her knowledge combined with a charming conversational style helped create what I think is very fine radio!

Laurel Weber Snyder Presentation Skills Trainer

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It was a pleasure being on Dr. Joyce's program. She made it very simple and her team was very organized. Thank you, Dr. Joyce, for giving me and others like me a voice.

Carole Murphy Host at Heart Stock Radio