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Elite International Image and Coaching Certification Program

With The Elite International Image and Coaching Certification Program, you will be able to take full advantage of ALL growing markets for image consulting to individuals personal image and professional image. In addition, Elite International Image and Coaching Certification Program will give to any image consultant business ALL the keys to work with companies public relations divisions and to be a wardrobe consultant and/or personal shopper.

Do any of these apply to you?

  • Friends and Family often compliment you on your style and appearance;
  • It's very rare to have a second chance to make a good impression;
  • It's my short-term professional goals, to start my own image consultant business, but I need help getting it done;
  • Taking the time and dedicating energy to self improvement appearance behavior and communication is always a worthwhile investment;

If you agree with at least one of the 4 previous statements, then you are ready to become an image consultant, then this course is for you. Like all industries, image consulting is constantly evolving. Image consultant professionals must integrate many cross-functional skills, in order to bring to their customers all the necessary image assessments to make a deep and lasting transformation that go far beyond the simple improvement of their image.

An image consultants we need to master all native skills from fashion consultations, hair stylist training, wardrobe consulting and personal shopping. Moreover, in order to make a great difference an image consultant must also master the skills related to appearance, behavior and communication (both verbal and nonverbal).


With Elite International Image and Coaching Certification Program, you will become able to:

Help your clients improve their image and their self-vision, so they can define their personal style for their personal image and/or professional image.

You will also be able to offer your services to companies wishing to improve the professional image of their employees as part of a clothing policy. You will be brought to work in close collaboration with CEOs, managers, public relations services and emerging leaders.

The Elite International Image and Coaching Certification Program, you will make the difference personally or professionally in the image consulting and coaching industry.

As part of your training, we will work on the fundamentals of image consulting such as clothing, personal style, etiquette and communication, as well as the development of your transversal and entrepreneurial skills in order to succeed your professional goals.

At the end of the training and your work with Dr. Joyce’s Team, you will be able to offer and deliver very high added value image assessment services to your clients. Above all, you will be able to accompany personally/professionally your clients to improve their image, so that they send back the image of a confident and trustworthy person. These are being offered through Dr. Tony Alessandra, who has become the best and most qualified Assessment Companies in the world.

However, the key to success lies in the interaction you will have with ImageMaker Trainers throughout the training. As a Ph.D.-Certified AICI CIM, Mentor and Certified Distance Examiner by AICI, Dr. Joyce has developed exclusive ImageMaker Trainers and they will help you understand ALL the elements of a course that suits YOUR level of and achievement. You will work as a team until you reach advanced levels of achievement.

Note, Many people claim to be “ImageMaker Trainers.” Check with Dr. Joyce to verify this claim.

Through this comprehensive program the goal of Dr. Joyce and The ImageMaker, Inc.® Team is to assist you personally or professionally in acquiring cross-functional, behavior and communication skills and specific skills in image consulting that you start a business right after completing an ImageMaker Course.


Dear Knudsen,

I wanted to say thank you for offering the self -esteem analysis in your program. It is such a vital part of your course. I learned so much about myself and how to deal with others from this course that I don't see how anyone can be in the Image Profession and not use the self-esteem assessments. I believe it is crucial for anyone pursuing the Image Industry to take this course first! It will change their lives for the better.

Kathy Mills
Panama City, FL

I would like to thank you for the International Image & Coaching Certification experience. I believe I made a great decision of taking the course from someone, who is not only a trusted name in the field, but more importantly, someone who is encouraging, dedicated and passionate to help others become better in every way possible. I truly appreciate how you have made yourself always available and how you have generously expressed recognition for my work. The contents of the course, without doubt, were rich and relevant. On the other hand, the assignments and learning outcomes pushed me to discipline myself and excel in what I do -- both of which, I believe, are significant life lessons that are not acquired through other programs. Again, thank you for empowering me for the years ahead -- both in my professional and personal growth. I look forward to applying what I have learned through your program and mentorship.

Mildred R. Dewberry (Jenny)
Mildred R. Dewberry (Jenny)
PeoplePower Image Consulting Meridian Salon &Spa

Dear Joyce,

Having completed your dual program for image certification and Coaching Program during six months of mentoring, I can’t imagine choosing a 5, 10, or even 14 day course. There is so much valuable material within your course work and questions that needed to be answered. Your work was of the highest quality and you constantly sent me new information as it was developed. I found it so much more valuable to have someone of your caliber-- who truly cares enough to work one on one with me.

If anyone is reluctant to take your courses, or feels that there is not the same value as a onsite course, they simply do not know your heart, nor have they seen your exemplary work. Whenever I had questions, even though I live in Singapore, it seemed almost immediate that you were right there online ready to help in any way you could. Your program and you got me prepared for the business world. And, if that weren't enough, you keep your word about being there for the life of my business. I feel very fortunate to have chosen you for my mentor. Thank you so much.

Aileen Lane, Singapore

Rev Graham
Testimonial from a Corporate Client

It was really exciting to begin my career in image consulting, so I interviewed quite a few people and researched my options about how to obtain the necessary training. I chose Dr. Joyce for many reasons. She has written 10 books and has many years of experience. After reading her book entitled From Head to Soul, I realized she had the extra knowledge to help me offer my clients a holistic practice. Dr. Joyce's experience has already given me great advice on how to market my business moving forward in just 3 weeks of training. I made the right choice! Before committing to any other program, I encourage you to first have a conversation with this amazing mentor, who is now becoming my friend.

Maria V. Draxler
Maria V. Draxler
Financial Advisor

This letter is in reference to Dr. Joyce Knudsen's unique ability to successfully coach clients, resulting in positive changes in their personal and professional lives.

I have met several of her clients and they feel they owe their success to her. I personally believe that much of her success is due to the personal interest she takes in each and every client. In the process of identifying strengths and weaknesses she formulates an individualized plan to help the client strengthen their weaknesses and utilize their strengths to soar to new heights. Dr. Knudsen meets the needs of each individual client by becoming mentor, teacher, cheerleader and friend. She cares passionately about each person and each person's success and failures. She is the first to praise or to encourage, whatever the need.

Joyce Knudsen has mastered the art of listening which is a key point in coaching. She is also one of those rare individuals able to relate to persons of any social, educational or economical level while helping them achieve success.


Lynnis Hornsby
Director Volunteers and Community Resources

Dear Dr. Joyce,

I thoroughly enjoyed your home study course and your 5 day course on Communication, I was overwhelmed with excitement.. You covered so much subject matter that although I am new to the industry, I am ready to start my business.

You are more than a trainer. Your lifetime achievements have given me an excitement of what I could be.

Melesia Ziller


You can start The Elite International Image and Coaching Certification Program immediately.

Invest $4800 to become an exceptional image consultant to practice with individuals and businesses.

If you have other questions that remain, you can also check the program FAQ,

You can start The Elite International Image and Coaching Certification Program immediately by choosing one of the trainers below


The Elite International Image and Coaching Certification Program with Jenny Dewberry

Image and Coaching Master Consultant and representant for The ImageMaker, Inc® Soft Skills Division in the USA (Ohio)

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Frequently asked questions

The International Image Certification includes about 30 programs in this course that you can use with your clients and make presentations to companies and small businesses. It combines the original Home Study Mentoring and Certified Seminar Leader programs This combined offering offers you the most comprehensive image consultant training in the world.

This International Image and Coaching Program has been broken down into 30 programs!

  1. The course named The International Elite Image Certification Program will be taught in France, the Philippines, Australia, Colorado, Seattle and India.
  2. The Certified Seminar Leader Program, a course that will get you prepared for giving workshops and seminars to companies and corporations and this has also been given to individuals and small groups on a stand-up flipchart (people love these).
  3. The International Coaching Program which teaches you how to coach individuals and corporations.

NOTE: These graphics do NOT represent software programs. They are covers for what you would use for a Portfolio.

The Fashion and Style Program for both Women and Men, which includes the ONLY registered Product called Figure Magic® and Physique Power® Proportion System ® developed and created by Dr. Joyce Knudsen Ph.D.

  1. The Personal Development Program
  2. The Self-esteem Program
  3. International Image Certification
  4. 7. Business Casual 19. Total Image
    8. Makeup and Skin Care 20. Wardrobe & Color
    9. Figure Analysis 21. Sales
    10. Color Analysis 22. Professional Seminar
    11. Etiquette 23. Speech Presentation
    12. Posture and Poise 24. Business Consulting
    13. Speech Presentation 25. Business Marketing
    14. Nonverbal Communication 26. Business Strategic Planning
    15. Business Development 27. Verbal Communication
    16. Customer Service 28. Voice & Diction
    17. Positioning for Success 29. Color Analysis
    18. Relationship Coaching 30. Global Etiquette

This training is just as useful for people who want to enter the field of image or those who already work in it and who wish to advance their training and expand their opportunities.

It was created by Dr. Joyce Knudsen, Ph.D. one of the few image consultants in the world to have earned the Certified Image Master designation from AICI (Association of International Image Consultants) in 1990.

AICI also awarded him the IMMIE Award of Merit for Excellence in Industry and the Award of Excellence

Dr. Joyce has also been certified as a DETC Distance Learning Examiner (Distance Education Certification from Notre Dame, a highly respected institution in the United States).

You will receive the International Image Certification from The ImageMaker, Inc.® and the 6.0 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) registered by AICI.

  1. Applicants must demonstrate, with proof:
  2. 2000 hours per year of full-time work;
  3. A complete file of permanent education;
  4. A professional expense structure;
  5. A history of personal and professional achievements;
  6. Original systems or works developed such as, but not limited to, books, pamphlets, teaching aids or training aids and / or illustrated products;
  7. High quality products made by professionals;
  8. A commitment to AICI and high level participation in AICI or other boards;
  9. Peer recognition and a recognized brand in the industry.
  10. A consultant receiving the Master Certification can write AICI CIM after his name.

You can start practicing the profession using all the basic tools tools contained in the Kit .... In addition, by purchasing the kit, you will get a coupon entitling you to a discount if you decide to buy the certification.