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Joyce Knudsen, Ph.D., AICI CIM has authored and co-authored over ten books since 1990.

Although the author no longer writes books, she is ready to help YOU write yours on an hourly or project basis, depending upon your needs and what stage of a book you are wanting to write.

People just can’t write a book and send it in to Amazon. Let me explain……

If you want to go from an amateur writer to a pro takes a writing team. Your book has a greater chance of becoming known on Amazon than with publishers, if these services are performed. As a writer of over ten books, I know that having people you know edit your work is not enough. This is your first impression. Make it a good one!

The following MUST be performed by a competent team of professionals. There are important steps to this end.

PROOFREADING is the reading of a final draft, galley proof, or an electronic copy of a publication to detect and correct production errors (typos). It is the last stage before publication.

COPY EDITING involves correcting spelling, punctuation, grammar, terminology, jargon, and semantics. The copy editor ensures the text flows. They assist with a line-by-line edit analysis of the text, and with minimally rewording sections that need help. The copy editor is usually the last editor that an author will work with.

CONTENT EDITING requires that the editor work closely with the author, offering suggestions on subject, format, organization, and general style and readability. In some cases, a consultation begins before the actual writing. The overall content of the writing is evaluated ensuring consistencies in dialogue, character development, trajectory of plotlines, and the tone and flow of the piece.

Content editing demands attention beyond the line-by-line edit. Our team will determine if your work needs this extra service. It could make the difference between an amateur story and an epic novel, biography, or memoir.

REWRITING/STRUCTURAL EDITING: Structural editing (sometimes called developmental editing or substantive editing) is complex and time-consuming stage of the editorial process. This intensive step considers what parts need to be omitted, rewritten, re-arranged, or left as is; as well as content editing line-by-line.

Once this is done, your chances become higher of getting a professional book accomplished.

And, then there is the MARKETING! With 724+ followers and growing on Twitter and countless connections on other social sites. If you decide to work with me, I will promote your book for one entire year, write a foreword and market you on ALL your social sites.

Here is a quote from a client:

’Thank you so much for supporting me with my book, you have given me hope.Your words brought great joy in my heart, knowing you believe in me and my writing has been given the opportunity to grow into something magical. Once again thank you. I, highly recommend Dr. Joyce if you have a book within you. She can and will make your dreams come true.’ ~Victoria Powell

Dr. Joyce’s Best Sellers :

Refusing To Quit My Pride and Joy (Last Book) Purchase from

Dr Joyce Book-Refusing-to-Quit

Redefine your retirement. These women have. Here are twenty inspiring examples of the power, perseverance and tenacity of women over sixty. Please support this work. The media MUST know that people who are aging are people who are mostly in the workforce and thriving.

‘Refusing to Quit’ is Dr. Joyce Knudsen’s latest, and last book which features true stories written by twenty remarkable women, about their indomitable spirit to seek, and live life to the fullest. The book concludes with Joyce’s own story.

The authors, who range in age from 60 to 94, describe their varied life experiences, in their own style and language, and each story is less than three pages long.

Whether it’s the lady with a 1000 sari collection in Australia, or the 94 year-old cryptologist who at 21, had tea with Eleanor Roosevelt in The White House; the ministers daughter and mortgage underwriter who refused to quit amidst the global financial crisis, or the woman from a rural North Dakota farm family who braved adversity, and later in life traveled the world and shook hands with Mother Teresa; this book beautifully illustrates the subject of aging, and self esteem, through the eyes of women over 60, who have a do-not-quit attitude.I am not a woman, and I am not sixty, but I surely enjoyed reading the stories of these women, and I would recommend this book to anyone, no matter what their age or gender! – John Koshy

From Head to Soul® for Woman and From Head to Soul® for Men were written in 1990.

From Head to Soul® for Women


The best gift you can give yourself is to feel GOOD, inside AND out. This book will help you to discover who you are and how to better express your own uniqueness. Discover how to make yourself over from Head to Soul through these finely crafted pages.

“Self-image is an attitude, believing in yourself and in what you can do”. And it all starts here, with this book. Even though we know we need to acknowledge our inner beauty, if we aren’t happy and proud of what we see in the mirror, our confidence dips. And people react to us based on how well we take care of ourselves. From Head to Soul cover the gamut of how we can be our best from the outside in. I especially recommend it for young women entering the workplace. It took me decades to discover all the wonderful tips that Dr. Joyce provides.

In all of my years of reading, I have never seen a book like this about women, and what they go through to be their best. This author, Dr. Joyce Knudsen puts a ton of information into her book to help women survive in this world of society wanting women to look a certain way & be noticed. If you want to be noticed, you will need this book. So popular, this book is in its 4th edition.  A step by step guide to making yourself feel good about YOU. This is a “must have” self help book. You may purchase From Head To Soul® for Women here.

From Head to Soul® for Men


Is a hand’s on book with numerous tips to help men be their best and put forth a great Professional Image.

What a wonderfully comprehensive book on style, attitude, and maximizing confidence and power. Dr. Joyce Knudsen writes, in layman’s language, the method of changing others’ initial perception of the reader to a positive business inclination. These simple changes will affect a more positive response from others and thereby emboldens our own confidence.This book is a must have for the business professional who wants to enhance current strengths and diminish the negatives that come from self-doubt.

Dr Joyce Knudsen is one of the world’s foremost experts on supporting people to exude charisma and confidence. This book teaches men how to come across in the most personally effective way to others. I have followed Dr Joyce’s advice for decades when it comes to creating the style you wish to attract others and be your best. Highly recommended!

Dr. Knudsen has a delightful writing style that is engaging and so easy to understand. I loved being able to laugh and be motivated at the same time. I loved this fun, inspiring book! This book is that heart-to-heart with a good friend when you really need it. Read this book – you won’t regret it. Absolutely loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!

All men should grab a copy of this book. Joyce is like a philosopher in her own right and what she offers is chicken soup for your soul. You may purchase From Head To Soul® for Men here.

 The Generational Puzzle


In a world connected by apps, I Phones, I Pads, texts and Social Media, degrees of isolation are expanding, daily. Even our most educated people feel isolated and lack understanding regarding the “stages of life” between post-modern and emerging society. This book provides an equal playing field by establishing a social knowledge base…bridging generational gaps, which exist today. Understanding is the key to the Communication Process, both in our personal and professional lives.

“The Generational Puzzle was a great source of information for me! This insight helped me understand why certain people act certain ways – I’m able to look at people with a better understanding! (This would have come in handy YEARS AGO!) Thanks, Dr. Joyce for the wealth of information!”. You may purchase The Generational Puzzle here.

The Communication Handbook


The Communication Handbook explores the unique differences of our fellow man, enabling you to better understand other people – how they process information and shows how what you say or do, consciously or unconsciously, project every waking moment of your life.

“Joyce is one of the hardest working people I know. Outside of work ethic, she is bright, ethical, diligent, respectful and always focused on only one thing… how she can make someone’s life better. She gives of herself completely in all her work, and if you’re lucky enough to be that person she is working for, you will benefit greatly from her single-minded dedication to improve your life. You may purchase The Communication Handbook here.

Successful Failures: Wisdom to Inspire You


Have you had a nightmare experience in high school, college, or at work? Have you ever been labeled lazy, stupid, slow, uneducable or incompetent? Dr. Joyce Knudsen was, but she refused to listen!!! 

Nobody has the right to tell you that you cannot learn or succeed, because you can. Do you want to be successful? If you set your mind to it and begin to believe in yourself, it is just amazing you will be able to do. Did you that that former First Lady Barbara Bush dropped out of Smith College and went on to form a Family Literacy Foundation? Did you know that former President Gerald Ford lost his election in high school? Did you know that Bruce Springsteen felt he “wasn’t there” in his high school? Successful Failures was written for people who may have been misunderstood and who have been given little or no respect for who they are and what they want to accomplish. The book not only contains words that tell you how to gain self-esteem but has pages of exercises for you to actually fill out and work on putting these words into action.

This book is called Successful Failures ® because many people give up after hundreds of rejections. What they didn’t know is that was, exactly the time to stay with their course and make it happen! Without being rejected, how do you know what to improve upon? You build on failure. “You build on failure. You use it as a stepping stone. Close the door on the past. You don’t try to forget the mistakes, but you don’t dwell on it. You don’t let it have any of your energy, or any of your time, or any of your space.” ~ Johnny Cash Today, music consists of many genres. In this book are featured both beginning artists to artists who have ‘made it,”You may purchase Successful Failures: Wisdom to Inspire You here.

Symbols: The Art of Communication


Today we live in a world community, a multi-cultural society, and a world connecting people from every corner of our planet. Depending on your skills for interacting with others, doors to a rewarding life will either be opened or closed to you. It is your choice! One of the keys to expanding our opportunities in a work environment or through social networking for enjoyment is to understand that we are all different in so many ways. Symbols explores the unique differences of our fellow homo sapiens, enabling you to better understand other people—how they process what you say or do through how you consciously or unconsciously project every waking moment of your life.

“ Joyce is one of the hardest working people I know. Outside of work ethic, she is bright, ethical, diligent, respectful and always focused on only one thing… how she can make someone’s life better. She gives of herself completely in all her work, and if you’re lucky enough to be that person she is working for, you will benefit greatly from her single-minded dedication to improve your life. Simply put, if you’re lucky you will get to experience her genius personally!” -Jay Niblick, Founder/CEO, Innermetrix Inc. You may purchase Symbols: The Art of Communication here.

Mending Broken Hearts

As a hospice volunteer, I have had the privilege of sitting with patients who are dying and am struck by the intimate and meaningful conversations we’ve had. 

Often we talk about the fear they might experience in facing their imminent death. Always we reflect on their lives–what they accomplished, who they were in the world, how they will be remembered. One of my goals focuses on helping them leave their legacy in some way, be it an oral history, an ethical will, a loving letter, etc. Most importantly, what surfaces for me from the experience of being with people at the end of their lives is the importance of exploring the life lessons I’ve learned. Reflecting on how the person lived and the legacy he/she left behind helps me to look within. Some questions I find myself asking are: Am I leading a meaningful life that matters? Is my life filled with love? How can I best spend the days I have left on this earth? What do I want to leave behind? What will my own legacy be?

Mending Broken Hearts delves into the different ways we mourn and the personal stories of love and loss. I highly recommend this book for anyone who is about to lose a loved one or who has already lost someone dear to them. Merle R. Saferstein – Living and Leaving Your Legacy facilitator