Frequently Asked Questions

Are you AICI?

Many people call me and ask if they will receive their AICI FLC if they take my program. The answer is that AICI is an organization and has developed AICI certification levels of achievement. As the first AICI CIM, I had to take courses to learn what I needed to know before taking their exam (AICI FLC) and then, work my way up to AICI CIP and then AICI CIM. Please direct your AICI questions to AICI and program questions to me.

Do I need to be certified?

No, you can be a consultant without any training, HOWEVER, having certification “speaks volumes” to people who want to hire you. I, also, recommend becoming a member of AICI (The Association of Image Consultants, International.)

How much should I charge a business or group to hold a seminar?

The minimum average is $800 for a half day (three hours) or $1500 for a full day (six hours)

How much should I charge individuals attending my seminar?

Figure out your daily rate. Be sure to value your time and expertise. Calculate the number of people that you need to sign up for your seminar to meet this fee. If you are a new presenter, you may want to charge less at first in order to have name recognition. According to research, the average beginner earns $200 an hour or $800 per day. Your fee includes all speaker costs; preparation, presentation and follow up. You may choose to charge more, if you like. Once you have given hundreds of seminars, the fee is adjusted for your name recognition and status. Most “seasoned professionals” charge $5,000 per day; some charge much more!

I do not have Microsoft PowerPoint® on my computer, so how can I view the files?

Microsoft offers a free PowerPoint® viewing program, downloadable off their website at no charge. You can view and print all presentations by downloading and installing Microsoft’s PowerPoint Viewer 2007.Click here to see more information on Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer 2007

What version of Microsoft PowerPoint® were the presentations created in?

The presentations were created in Microsoft Office PowerPoint® 2007. & Office 2010 The presentations will also work in Microsoft Office PowerPoint® 2003, or any newer versions of the program.

Can I try the full version of Microsoft Word and PowerPoint before I buy it?

Yes. Microsoft offers a free trial of most of their software for U.S. residents. Click here for more information on Microsoft’s free trial programs.

Where can I purchase Microsoft PowerPoint® and Microsoft Word®?

Microsoft Office can be purchased directly from Microsoft’s website and downloaded immediately to your computer. You may also physically purchase this program in stores like OfficeMax, Sam’s Club, Wal-Mart and Best Buy.

Can I view and print the workbooks if I do not have Microsoft Word or Microsoft Office?

Yes, Microsoft offers a free Word® viewing program is downloadable off their website at no charge. View, print and copy Word documents, even if you don’t have Word installed. Click here for more information on Microsoft’s Word Viewer.

What is a zip file?

A ZIP file is a single file contains your seminar, workbook, and eBooks all in one easy download. Most versions of Windows will open these automatically so you can look at your files. Otherwise, you can download a free ZIP program on I send material using Hightail, a service for large files. When asked, just click on the files I send to you; not on the join Hightail button.

Do I need a projector to give a seminar?

Projectors are the easiest way to display information to a group. However, most conference facilities have multiple monitor displays you may hook a computer up to. Please call and check your room rental. If you intend on being a seminar leader, it is best to bring your own equipment and look extremely professional.

You may also hold one-on-one seminars using just your computer using Skype.

I would like to purchase my own projector to cut costs, how much do they cost?

Projectors start out at $500 U.S. and can be purchased at office supply stores, or many online locations. If you plan on giving multiple seminars, purchasing a projector is a great investment.

What is your return policy?

Due to the information being registered and trademarked with government offices as Intellectual Property, all purchases are non-refundable.

Do you provide any color materials with this course?

We have developed a color starter kit based on the Pantone Color System. With experts, worldwide, we are working on a system never before presented to the public that is ours, exclusively. Do on the lookout for more information.

How long can I expect to work with you?

There is no limit to how long we work together. Your success is my success, so we work together for as long as you need. You will receive PowerPoint presentations, workbooks, manuals, audios, video’s and books

What is the time investment?

Most business take 18 months to develop, but little by little, you will get there….with me right by your side.

How will I know how to begin my business?

At The ImageMaker, Inc. ®, this is the best feature, as you receive the business part along with your materials as well as having the mentorship of someone in the business for over thirty years. We work with you to promote your brand and keep moving you up in business. We even write seminars for your specific needs when you are presented with business! We work with individuals, not groups, as everyone has different needs!

What is the level of achievement that “sets you apart” from other Image Training Companies?

We truly care about your business needs and take into consideration family needs and personal interests.