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A trained and qualified professional who can earn up to $150 an hour or $1,200 helping clients choose the proper clothing and fashion.

Wardrobe & Personal Shopper Certifications


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The Fourteen Secrets of Social Media

  1. Pay It Forward: That is if you want people to do the same for you!
  2. Always Thank people and show appreciation: People like to be told.
  3.    Be Positive: Think before you post, as everyone has problems and people don’t want to hear about them.
  4.  Publish Quality Content: Be seen as an expert in your field
  5. Be Transparent: Be Awesome, Authentic and Real.
  6.  Earn Trust: Loyalty and Trust is Earned
  7.   Share your Expertise: Build on what you are proficient at.
  8.   Read up on English:  
  9. Complete Your Bio! This is where people read about you!
  10. Don’t Be Negative: People have enough problems!
  11. .Comment on Posts: People want feedback!
  12. Build Relationships: It’s called Social Media!
  13. .NO SELLING:  Unless you want to get unfollowed, unfriended or no longer get “likes.”

Hater’s”- Treating rude people with a professional attitude and tone makes them “go away!

Dr. Joyce Knudsen, CEO/President of The ImageMaker, Inc.®

Dr Joyce Knudsen is the Founder and CEO of The ImageMaker Inc.(r) Communications Group and Associates. They offer all of their talents to present your best impression on social media.

Moreover, Dr Joyce is at your disposal for online consulting via Skype or Zoom.

Dr Joyce’s work has been time-tested and validated by hundreds of people who have gone on to become successful in their chosen endeavors. You can connect with her social sites below.