Soft Skills Certification Program – 4.0 CEU

Soft Skills Certification Program – 4.0 CEU

Our Soft Skills Certifications Program Course revolves around humanity.

Ask yourself these questions? Do you…

  • Appear as a professional in front of all the stakeholders of your company.
  • Develop critical observation to identify problem-solving skills and strategies.
  • Improve and continue to adapt your verbal/nonverbal communication style.
  • Continue to develop effective decision-making processes in conflict resolution.
  • Manage peoples expectations.

If you said yes to at least one of these five statements,, you are ready to take the Soft Skills Certification Program. Above all, you will develop transversal social skills that will grow your career path to a place unimaginable.

Becoming an effective professional requires mastering strong soft skills in order to build solid relationships, however, training focuses solely on hard skills. Although these skills should not be neglected, they must now be associated with key soft skills to make a difference in job searching or for empowering career paths.

Learn and develop deep professional skills and you will have a great asset to improve your career path.

As part of your training, we will work on strong soft skills such as verbal communication, a strong work ethic and time management as well as the development of your transversal and personal skills.

Are soft skills more important effective than hard skills?

Your positive attitude, strong work ethic, teamwork, decision-making, positive attitude, time management, motivation, flexibility, problem solving, critical thinking and conflict resolution will BECOME part of your professional skills.
We know hard skills are process skills that are obvious, easily identifiable and proven by the specific skills and technical experience of the job seeker. Non-technical skills are more related to your personality. It is therefore important to consider them as a priority to improve so you can present them to an employer. It is a concept of cross-professional skills association that is becoming very important in all sectors.

Entrepreneurs, managers, job applicants and others who work in human resources. Jobs-seekers need to improve their soft skills to integrate into today’s workplace. Dr. Joyce’s Research Team found that the best non-technical talent recruiters are looking for people who can solve problems, adapt, use their time effectively, be organized and have effective communication skills. These are the soft skills employers look for.

You can start your Soft Skills Certification Program immediately.

Take advantage of the most comprehensive, convenient and valuable Soft Skills Certification Program for a worthwhile investment.

We are happy to announce that the registration for our classes is now open! Please fill up this registration form below and upon completion, we will communicate with you to finalize the agreement.



Start Soft Skills Certification Program With Alexandre Marty

Program Start: Tuesday August 5, 2020  4-6pm; 5 weeks of training

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Soft Skills with Kimberly Fende


Start Soft Skills Certification Program With Kimberley Fende

Program Start: Tuesday September 15, 2020 2-4pm; 5 weeks of training

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