Elite Image and Coaching Certification Program – 6.0 CEU

Elite Image and Coaching Certification Program – 6.0 CEU

People often misunderstand Image consulting as personal grooming services. A good image consultant covers non-cognitive skills such as presentation skills, social etiquette, organizational ability, soft skills and communication.

With the Elite International Image Certification Program, you will be able to take full advantage of ALL growing markets for image consulting to individuals for both personal and professional image. This program will augment all other image consultant training you may have already had.

Do any of these apply to you?

  • Friends and Family often compliment you on your style and appearance;
  • You have noticed that It’s very rare to have a second chance to make a good impression;
  • It’s my short-term professional goals, to start my own image consultant business, but I need help getting it done;
  • I’d like to take the time and dedicated energy to self-improvement appearance behavior and communication.

If you agree with at least one of the 4 previous statements, then you are ready to become an image consultant and this course is for you. Like all industries, image consulting is constantly evolving. Image consultant professionals must integrate many cross-functional skills, in order to bring to their customers all the necessary image assessments to make a deep and lasting transformation that go far beyond the simple improvement of their image.

Choosing a career and image consultancy is one of the hardest career fields today. As an image consultant, you can give people advice that will help them achieve what they want – whether it be to get a new job, to make a good impression for simply to feel good about themselves.

You can start your Elite Image and Coaching Certification Program immediately.

Take advantage of the most comprehensive, convenient and valuable Elite Image and Coaching Certification Program for a worthwhile investment.

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Start Elite image and Coaching Certification Program With Alexandre Marty

Program Start: Tuesday September 7, 2020

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Elite Image and coaching program with Neha Malhotra


Start Elite image and Coaching Certification Program With Neha Malhotra, AICI -CIP

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There are 10 Reasons Why you should become an Image Consultant. They are:

As a image consultant, you have the opportunity to earn whatever you want to earn. Some image consultants charge their clients $50-$75 an hour; some charge $250 an hour and more.  Some work part time and make enough to cover all their living expenses. Others make it their full-time career and earn high six-figure incomes every year.

(2) You Can Help People To Succeed And Live Better Lives.

 A person’s image can make the difference between success and failure in personal life, social life and business life. As an image consultant, you can take your clients’ lives in your hands and make them better by positively shaping and molding their images . . . . . . not just their external images – but their self-images, too . . . the confidence and self esteem they feel about themselves.

 In the process, you will earn their gratitude (and a sense of achievement from helping someone else that will stay with you forever).

(3 )You Can Earn The Respect Due An Accomplished Professional.

Think about this title:  “Certified Image Consultant.” That title says a lot. It conveys a picture of learning . . . of competence . . . of professionalism. It says to the other person,  “This is a person of knowledge . . . of accomplishment . . . of skill – the kind of person who deserves my respect.”

(4) You Can Work When And Where You Want.

An image consultant does not need an expensive office or any fancy equipment. You can work out of your home, if you want.or you can meet your clients in their homes or offices. An image consultant does not have to work any set schedule. You can work 12 hours a day or you can choose to work 12 hours a month. You counsel your clients by appointment. And, you set the time and place.

(5) You Can Have The Fun And Enjoyment Of A Glamorous Career.

Some image consultants help their clients by going shopping with them to pick out the clothes that will make them look best. Some image consultants help their clients by going shopping with them to pick out the clothes that will make them look best. I did that for a public official’s wife and picked up an extra $750 for a few hours of “fun” work. Others do the same thing for Hollywood Stars – even more fun. Some image consultants travel across town to advise a local business person on the proper etiquette for an important business dinner.

Others travel across the world to lecture large groups on the importance of image. I did that, too. I went to Hong Kong with my husband – all expenses paid for both of us. 

(6) You Can Be An Image Consultant Regardless Of Your Age Gender or Background.

Grandmothers become image consultants. So do their granddaughters. College graduates become image consultants. So do high school dropouts. People from big cities like New York and Hong Kong and little towns like, well, East Anywhere, become image consultants. People who have lived in the same place all their lives become image consultants. So do people who have moved to homes in other countries.

(7) You Can Have The Job Security Of A Professional.

Styles change, but image always stays in style.  It always has and always will. Cleopatra wanted a good image.  So does Cleo Jones. You can give anyone and everyone a good image – the best image they can have. That means, if you do a good job for your clients, they will keep you happily busy – and profitably employed – for as long as you want. (Even into your retirement years as a senior citizen, if you like.) (I do!)

(8) You Can Have Clients Seek You Out And Come To You.

One thing you should know about being an image consultant . . . . . . If you do it well, your clients will become walking, talking, praising, recommending, and referring “billboards” for YOU. Other people will see the great job you have done for Mrs. X and they will want that kind of image help for themselves, too. o, they will ask Mrs. X to tell them how they got that great look.

(9) You Can Reach Your Horizon – And Then Go Far Beyond.

Think about you as an image consultant. What do you see in your mind’s eye?Do you see yourself advising a client about the best clothing style for his or her body type? he best hair style? The best glasses?  Shoes?  Colors? Proper etiquette? Well, you’re absolutely right. That’s what you can do – and you can earn a good living . . . an outstanding living . . . doing it.

 But that horizon is not the last one for you as an image consultant. Think about you in an entirely different setting – standing at the podium addressing a room full of corporate executives. You are advising them what they need to do to mold their employees in an image that moves their company ahead. And you are being paid several thousand dollars for a few hours of your time to do it. Think about being called upon to appear on TV shows and being quoted in newspapers and magazines as an expert in the image field.  (I am all the time.)

 Yes, that is the horizon that is open to you as an image consultant if you do your job well.

(10) You Can . . . (Well, You Pick This One!)

We all have different aspirations in life. Nine of the reasons to become an image consultant I have listed above would apply to most of us. But you are not “most of us.”

You are YOU. So add your own 10th “good reason to become an image consultant” to this list.