Soft Skills Training Program


What will you learn about Soft Skills by training with Joyce Knudsen Ph. D.

By the end of the Soft Skills Training Program participants will be able to:

  • Differentiate Hard Skills & Soft Skills
  • Walk-through of all of the soft skills traits & explain importance
  • Chart the major soft skills that employers seek out
  • Give 2 examples of corporate success stories in soft skills training to build company brand
  • Describe modern strategies for corporate L&D (learning and development)
  • Identify modern strategies for soft skills building
  • Explain how humans learn complex behaviors
  • Research and critique off-the-shelve training/measurement programs
  • Implement an example best-practise training/measurement program
  • Conduct user facilitation using example training/measurement program
  • Report on findings from user feedback
  • Construct an MVP (minimum viable product) marketing toolkit
  • Develop an enduring soft skills training business

Benefits to take Soft Skills Training Program with Joyce Knudsen Ph. D.

As part of your Soft Skills Training Program, we will work on basic soft skills such as communication and active listening as well as the development of your transversal and entrepreneurial skills.
However, the key to success lies in the interaction you will have with Dr. Joyce throughout the Soft Skills Training Program. As a Ph.D.-certified CIM AICI Mentor and Certified Distance Examiner by Our Lady, Dr. Joyce can help you understand all the elements of a course that suits YOUR level and works with you. We work as a team until we reach advanced levels of achievement.
At the end of Soft Skills Training Program and your work with Dr. Joyce, you earned 6.0 CEUs.
Moreover, you should gained also a solid base of soft skills that will increase your value in front of a recruiter and / or you will take off from your career by differentiating yourself from above, in front of your competitors.