Soft Skills Certification Program -4.0 CEU-


At the end of the Soft Skills Training Program participants will be able to:

  • Differentiate Hard Skills & Soft Skills
  • Apply and improve all Soft skills traits professional environment
  • Implement a personal lifelong learning strategy
  • Prepare communication
  • Develop communication impact with nonverbal communication
  • Define a vision
  • Develop personal leadership
  • Set meta-priority
  • Understand the motivational process
  • Identify the sources of motivation
  • Adapt to 3 decision models and 3 decision situations
  • Adapt to different interlocutors
  • Cooperate in a sustainable way
  • Federate a team
  • Understand the life cycle of a team
  • Adapt negotiation strategy to any situations
  • Managing the Emotional Dimension of a Conflict
  • Understanding the Dynamics of Conflict

Benefits to take Soft Skills Training Program with Joyce Knudsen Ph. D.

As part of your Soft Skills Training Program, we will work on basic soft skills such as communication and active listening as well as the development of your transversal and entrepreneurial skills.
However, the key to success lies in the interaction you will have with Dr. Joyce and her well-trained consultants throughout the Soft Skills Training Program.

As a Mentoring and Certified Distance Examiner by, Our Lady, Dr. Joyce can help you understand all the elements of a course that suits YOUR level and works with you. We work as a team until we reach advanced levels of achievement.

At the end of the Soft Skills Training Program and your work with Dr. Joyce and/or her qualified trainers, you will have gained a solid base of soft skills that will increase your value in front of a recruiter and/or you will move forward in your career by differentiating yourself from others by bypassing your competitors.

You will receive two certifications. One from your trainer and one from The ImageMaer, Inc.® and mentorshipfrom BOTH your trainer’s company and Dr. Joyce and you will benefit from each others experiences over many years of training in soft skill development.

Registration is permanent. You can start your personalized 72 hour (Working days) tutoring after your registration.

For more information click the “Method and Training Process” tab right below.

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