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Many people in the business world will find themselves in the position of having to put on seminars themselves. This program will equip you to tell your clients all they need to know about organizing, structuring, setting up and conducting a seminar.

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Public speaking is a powerful way to show prospective clients what you can do. Many professionals and consultants have built successful practices by giving free seminar to associations, businesses, and educational institutions. You can produce your own seminar where you invite participants.

Become more visible

Offering a meeting can be an effective means to become more visible to your target market. If you are a good presenter, and the right people come to your meeting you will get new customers. However, to use seminar marketing successfully, you need to be very clear on your goals, and plan each session carefully.

Make money on the seminar

If the purpose of your performance is primarily to get clients, you should not be expecting to make money on the seminar itself. You may wish to cover your expenses, or maybe even spend a little extra. For this type of meeting, the key to making it pay off is to attract people who are good prospects for your business in the first place, rather than just filling the room.

Why I will charge small fee fro my seminar?

Instead of making your seminar free, I have found that it is a good idea to charge a small fee. The people who may attend will perceive you as offering something of value. The fee will also discourage attendance by people who cannot afford your product or service.

Add another line of business to your company

If what you really want is for your seminar to make a profit, you must recognize that by offering full-fee sessions, you are adding another line of business to your company. Operating as a congress producer will require the same kind of planning and ongoing management as your existing business does.

Offer your seminar on a regular basis

It can be as difficult to make a profit on your first, second, or even third seminar as it was to launch your core business. Many people will not sign up for a session the first time they see it; others would like to come but cannot make the date your meeting is scheduled.
You will have a better chance of making money if you plan at the beginning to offer your session on a regular basis.


You can choose to do a seminar in your company or outside of your company.

  • I have found that working with a library or small hotels, even corporate entities that sell rooms “by the hour,” are great ways to begin finding your venue to hold your seminars.
  • Another good way is to “barter.” Bartering is a reciprocal change for businesses to help each other. Once I went into a printing shop and offered my services to their employees, with the exchange of using their conference room, for free printing. It was a win-win situation.
  • Why not try to go to boutiques or department stores. They all have conference rooms. Suggest you work one day a week as a personal shopper at no charge in exchange for their conference room for when you have clients or want to do a small public seminar.





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