Life Coaching


Life Coaching will open a whole new field of opportunity and reward for YOU.

It’s a self-discovery process that meets critical needs. You receive ready-made, tested and proven materials that will change your life. Once you change your life, you can also use these same tools for consultations with individual clients who are seeking, not only impression coaching, but broader “personal success coaching.” You will gain great self-insight, valuable to you in promoting your business.

The Self-Awareness Process was developed by Joyce M. Knudsen, PhD, Founder and President of The ImageMaker, Inc.®, incorporating by permission, proven and accepted assessment tools from Various assessment companies.

“Your self-esteem level, success and challenges MUST be understood before you can be successful in life. We teach you how to transparent and become an authentic you and a True Giver. It is only when you have high self-esteem, that you can become self-actualized, in which case, NOTHING and NO ONE can ever hurt you. ~Dr. Joyce

Many people use the term Life Coach. Dr. Joyce truly is one as an accepted member of lifecoachguide and having trained at Notre ‘Dame for becoming an authorized Distance Learning Trainer,. She was the very first person to achieve this distinction in AICI, The Premier Image Association.


Definition: Coaching is a way of working with people that leaves them more competent and more fulfilled so that they are more able to contribute to their organizations and find meaning in what they are doing (James Flaherty).

  • Focus on present and future
  • Gives access to different ways of observing and interpreting
  • Helps others see the world in a different way – “What they don’t know, they don’t know.”
  • Explores and creates openings for new possibilities
  • Get Unstuck. It is time to move firward in both your personal and professional life.

Want Online Consulting via Skype or Zoom? Great! Just inquire about working it Dr. Joyce…one on one to discuss your needs. You deserve it!

$500.00 per month, Minimum: 2 months