Elite International Image and Coaching certification program


What will you learn in Elite International Image and Coaching Certification Program by training with Jenny Dewberry.

Elite International Image and Coaching Certification Program is composed in four modules for a total duration of 60 hours.
By the end of each modules participants will be able to:

Module 1: Successful Image :

  • Recognize the difference between various body types
  • Determine how to plan new purchases for their clients
  • Diagnose how a man should dress for a professional office environment
  • Identify what makes items flattering to wear
  • List key mistakes people make in presenting themselves
  • Identify ways to improve their own appearance

Module 2: Business Development

  • State what is branding and why it is important
  • Determine company name, letterhead, logo, and emails
  • Create a business entity and register with the state
  • Develop a business domain and open a bank account
  • Identify appropriate and inappropriate business attire
  • Design their website
  • Develop a client information form

Module 3: Successful Presentations

  • Outline a speech to present in a seminar
  • Identify excellent public speaking practices
  • Identify what body language actions mean

Module 4: Developing your Brand and Running Your Business

  • Describe their brand
  • Analyze why they are in the image business
  • Identify what solutions they will offer clients
  • Complete a color consultation
  • Identify their client demographics
  • Identify their competition

Benefits to take Elite International Image and Coaching Certification Program with Joyce Knudsen Ph. D.

As part of your training, we will work on the fundamentals of image consulting such as clothing, style, Etiquette and communication, as well as the development of your transversal and entrepreneurial skills.

However, the key to success lies in the interaction you will have with Dr. Joyce throughout the Soft Skills Training Program. As a Ph.D.-certified CIM AICI Mentor and Certified Distance Examiner by Our Lady, Dr. Joyce can help you understand all the elements of a course that suits YOUR level and works with you. We work as a team until we reach advanced levels of achievement.
At the end of Elite International Image and Coaching Certification Program and your work with Dr. Joyce, you earned 6.0 CEUs.

Moreover, you should gained also solid bases that will make a true difference in the image consulting and coaching industry.