20 WAYS TO STAY ENCOURAGED! As a discouraged woman, early in life, I would like to offer 20 suggestions on how to stay encouraged in your dreams and goals. (1) Do not allow others to put you down. (2) Listen to yourself. You need to have a healthy self-esteem to do this. (3) Test it... Read more

Do You Keep Your Word?

Maybe it’s just me, but it infuriates me when people tell you they will have something done at a certain time and then, they do not do it! Why do people say things they don’t mean? If you want to be an entrepreneur, you must know that “your word” is everything. If you tell a... Read more

The Art of Public Speaking

Walt Disney was terrified of it. James Earl Jones couldn’t even think of trying it early in his career and Bill Clinton -after being booed off a stage learned to master it. What is it? The book of lists rates it the number one fear in America, ahead of snakes, spiders, flying and death. Winston...... Read more

How To Get The Vision You Need To Succeed

All successful people have a vision. Without a future vision, it is very difficult to work in the present. You can easily recognize the people without vision – they’re mostly sad; they do not like their job or are just not happy. People who pursue their dreams are excited and filled with...... Read more