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5 Ways to Become Motivated by Dr. Joyce

What really motivates us? Making more money, driving in a bigger car, achieving more social standing or prestige? Or are these goals external needs rather than motivations that serve our growth and transformation? What do we really value in our lives?

We all heard, “I have problems motivating myself.” They may have a great house, nice kids, and a fine career, but, for some reason, they doe not feel fulfilled and happy with their life. They want to change it, but can’t or won’t.

This seems to be a common problem for humans. We all have plans to be successful in life, but what is lacking is the motivation that keeps us going to convert plans and dreams into action. Usually you feel very excited at the beginning when doing something new for the first time, but after awhile, somehow you feel that you lack passion and motivation. The excitement that you had in the first few days and weeks just disappeared for no reason.

We all have this challenge from time to time but we don’t let allow a short period of not being motivated stop you from achieving your goals and dreams.


If you don’t feel motivated, think of why you want to achieve what you want, that is the purpose of doing what you are doing. Your purpose could be to improve the lives of others, to help people to do things more efficiently, or to help people to make more money. Thinking of your purpose and inner values is an important way to motivate yourself. Write them down and hang them in a special spot in the house where you can see them daily.


Connect and focus on that great feeling. If you find yourself lacking motivation, simply start smiling (it raises your positive energy) and think about something you can appreciate. Keep focusing on appreciation and tell the universe how you want it to be rather than focusing on the obstacles. For more on this point, I suggest reading the book Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting by Lynn Grabhorn


Find someone that you are comfortable with who has already solved the problem you are facing. It is my experience that after sharing and asking for what you need, you feel re-energized.


By reading these books, you not only learn from others, but the story will motivate you to move ahead with your plans. Success stories also make you re-focus your energy on your goals. Some suggestions of books to read are: Think and Grow Rich byNapoleon Hill, or Path of Least Resistance, by Floris Rommerts


Start each day with a ritual that gives you a good feeling and positive energy. This is the most powerful mean to create the life you really want.

“We all face challenges. Some are easy and some are difficult. But all these challenges give us the opportunity to grow stronger, and become more wise and experienced. Embrace those opportunities for in them you will find the beauty of life!” ~Dr. Joyce