As a discouraged woman, early in life, I would like to offer 20 suggestions on how to stay encouraged in your dreams and goals.

(1) Do not allow others to put you down.

(2) Listen to yourself. You need to have a healthy self-esteem to do this.

(3) Test it out. Read about your condition or what others’ say about you. Decide whether it’s true or not.

(4) Ask yourself, “Is it true what I’m hearing?” Once you know, you can eliminate the negative thought that there is something missing or wrong with you.

(5) Believe in yourself. If you don’t, neither will anyone else.

(6) Ask yourself what your gut feeling is. Go with that. Gut feelings are there for a reason.

(7) If you have tested out what someone says and it’s not true, delete that person from your life. If it is a family member, limit your communication with them. This is not easy, but it is necessary for you to grow as a person.

(8) Do not feel sorry for yourself. It will not help the situation and possibly can hurt the situation as people will see you as weak.

(9) If, in fact, you do have a limitation, find a way to deal with it. You can either be a “poor me” person or an “I can and will do it, anyway” person.

(10) Practice brain exercises to strengthen your mind. These can be found in many books and articles. Go to the library and do a search on brain exercise.

(11) Look for alternative ways of doing things. For me, it was finding the right magnification to see better with.

(12) Seek out support groups that you can join. You will find that these groups have people in them just like you—people who understand and care.

(13) Read books about Successful Failures. These are people who were told they could not do something and did it better than anyone else!

(14) Read Investor’s Business Daily’s leaders for success column.

(15) Watch Game Changes and learn about what great people did to succeed.

(16) Listen to Audio Tapes on your iPod to hear stories of success.

(17) Meditate.

(18) Get rid of any negative self-talk. We have over 50 thousand thoughts a day. Do you want yours to be negative?

(19) Accept the person you are and were meant to be.


(20) THRIVE just because.

~Dr. Joyce