How To Get The Vision You Need To Succeed

All successful people have a vision. Without a future vision, it is very difficult to work in the present. You can easily recognize the people without vision – they’re mostly sad; they do not like their job or are just not happy. People who pursue their dreams are excited and filled with enthusiasm.

Vision should be totally clear. By using your imagination, your vision should become a part of you and integrate into your subconscious mind.

Good Questions to Ask Yourself:

  1. What are your relationships like in your family?
  2. How much money would you like to earn? If you learn, you will earn.
  3. In what way do you like to earn your money? You need to feel an inner desire to something you truly want to do.
  4. What is your vision for yourself?

You set the limits in your life. Have the courage to “listen, but not take the advice of naysayers. This vision, sub-consciously, enters your mind and integrates within you.

BIG goals can motivate you. The same refers to vision; vision with an action attached to it! Goals or visions will “stay in your mind” until you ‘let this out’ and perform an action.


Create a Vision Board to include many areas. Fill in your own! Some are Career, Money, Physical, Personal Growth, Health, Friends/Family, Romance, Fun and Recreational.

What is missing? 3 things we often do:

1) Deny things we want
2) Tolerate things that don’t work
3) Spend valuable time on unimportant things

We have learned that success is measured by money. We succeed by growing. Money comes after!

We must stop living in fear. Decide what we want out of our life.

We must get rid of our “inner critic” (could have a whole committee) Also known as Monkey Mind. This is the way they think!

  • Only one or two choices or no choice at all.
    Black and white or either/or thinking
  • Decision making based on fear
  • “I should” or “I have to” versus “I want to.”
  • Acceptance that this is the way the world is
  • Breathing is constricted, chest tight.

Exercise: Stand up: “I should…..” Then I want.” You will be neutralizing your inner critic. Begin by noticing, observing – Choose a perspective, make a choice, notice our story, have fun, use intuition, honor your values. Get facts – consult a trusted friend

Give your inner critic a name –Example: Sabotage 

  • Identify and eliminate energy drainers.
  • Give up always giving – if this is a…should, or an obligation.
  • Understand wants versus the word should
  • Know at least five ‘out of balance signals.’

Exercise: Identify 5 things that drain you in order of importance. (See positioning for success to incorporate this.)

For energy drain, either eliminate it if you can, handle it, accept it. Energy drains affect your health (business and personal).

FOR TRAINING: View perspective wheel and see the change in each perspective. Ask for 2 volunteers who have some issue. Ask group to help with suggestions. Put the person in one of four sections. How do they feel? “I know I’m out of balance when….”