How Do I Get Radio and Television Advertising for Free?

So, you want to be an image consultant and write a book, give seminars, or you have a great image tip you think the world would be interested in.

The trouble is, in most cases, you do not have the advertising dollars necessary to accomplish this. Consider Radio Advertising and Television Advertising.

Radio Advertising/TV Advertising

You do not have to pay for air time. Hosts are looking for people to have on their shows.

How Powerful are Radio and Television Interviews? Radio advertising can be powerful. Remember, Chicken Soup for the Soul Books? They have sold 60 MILLION books! They did this by being on the radio every single day across the country.

In the book, “The Road Less Traveled by M. Scott Peck, he suggests to average one interview per day.

Earl Mindell wrote “The Vitamin Bible” and sold over 15 MILLION. His secret: “Never Stop doing Interviews.”

How Does It Work?

Whether you realize it or not, you are an expert on whatever it is you wrote a book on. If you are a speaker or seminar leader, you are an expert on your topic.

The Media Wants You!

You are the Media’s best source of Programming. They want someone to entertain, inform and enlighten their audience.

They will seek out people just like you because they figured out they don’t have to pay you for your expertise and valuable service to their audiences.

If you can provide the interviewer with either entertainment or information they can use, they want you.

What Are Some of the Things You Need to Do to Get on Radio & Television?

  1. Go the Library and get a List of Shows.
  2. Make a contact list by calling and being sure the list is current.
  3. Make changes.
  4. Then, call the editor.
  5. Tell the editor what you do and see if there would be a fit. Most editors are looking for people to bring on the shows.
  6. Make friends with the “gatekeeper,” normally that is the receptionist, and ask about what others have done to get on the shows. Take notes.
  7. Find out how the editor likes hearing from you. For example, by email, by telephone, or in-person.