What to know about Social Sites.

We live in a social media world these days and many people are not using them in the way they were intended.
Facebook started out being a place for friends and family, but people looked at 5000 friends max and sought out to get them, most likely to try and sell them something

I was one of these people until I started doing Research.

Facebook is a place to share and be there for your Facebook Friends. Not to tell your problems, not to sell your product and certainly, not to criticize anyone or anything. The best feature Facebook has are their “Pages.” This is the place for your company header so people know where you work and what you do. It is fine to post informative things on the pages.

Twitter. Also has numbers. PEOPLE LOVE NUMBERS! (Even though they hated Math In High School) OK, yes, I have over 600T, BUT I answered all Interactions, Mentions, answer their questions, prayed with them and did #FF each and every week. I didn’t pay anyone to get them as people don’t care about your business as much as you do. It is better to have 1000 great people than 2000 who don’t participate. It is wasting money to purchase followers as Twitter does a clean sweep and removes them. Spend that money on someone or something you need!

PEOPLE DO NOT WANT TO BE SOLD! Only other sellers will like, follow or put you in their circles. Have a book out, go ahead and let people know. Have an event planned Fine. Just wrote a new blog, great! But continuous sticking your company name on your posts may remind people of you when they are looking for your kind of service, but they will not use you.

The people on these sites love when people give and promote them, not you. People will remember that you were not promoting, go to your website and order. Your website should be listed on all social sites, so people can find you. It’s how I get my clients and each and every time, they tell me, “I took your program because you were so giving and not continually promoting your business.

Google + as the second largest search engine, this is where it’s at, so don’t waste time on other sites. Just go to them, put a post or two or check on your pages. G+ is where it’s at. Now, G+ expects people to share information (not giving away the farm, but putting up posts people want to read!) Use quotes, tips, great graphics. Look at all variations. If you are a coach, then look at artwork and put that up; look at tech and put those up. You need to be well-rounded for this site.

Klout Although Klout is about Klout and bringing people to that site, I am sorry I was at 80 and got off. I’m back on because many sources look at your Klout on the Internet. I recommend using it.

Groups There are many groups on the Internet. If you have a product to sell, try putting into tweets and joining Klouters and Klout K. Get It Done is a great site for promotion. The site I decided on building is for marketing other people. You can find this at https://www.facebook.com/groups/DrJoycesMarketingPage/

LinkedIn At this point, I’m not that much into LinkedIn but it is a great place for showing your profile and getting client’s. It’s good to be in their groups, as well.