Are Social Sites driving you crazy?

Are Social Sites driving you crazy?

There are so many social sites to choose from. How do you know which to sign up for and what do you do once you get there? Let’s go through the ones I’m on: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


First, on Facebook, it is a wonderful advantage to make use of their pages. Your personal page is fine, but many limit that only to family and friends; what it was intended for. I have three pages:;;  & I find these pages work great to generate business and book sales.


You become a public figure. To create a business page, try this site: If you are asked to provide wither a permalink or a direct link, here is how: Go to post you want and click on the date below the post. This will take you to another URL and that is considered a Direct Link. Permalinks take you to the same place but you click on the highlighted icon at the right of the post. Facebook allows you the opportunity to boost your post, advertise, put up content on your pages and even give gifts to people you love just by clicking a button.


What Not To Do: On Business Pages, no advertising or selling something. People do not like to be sold. Think about what you are posting by imagining an employer or potential business connection seeing what you put on Facebook. People really don’t want to hear complaining, criticizing or blaming. Professionals simply do not do this.


Second is Twitter (my personal favorite) @drjoyce_knudsen Follow me! On twitter, it is not enough to follow people. Twitter has been known to take inactive people off every so often. You must engage with people by clicking on “Connect” and interacting with people who send you a message. You also will receive messages under the new envelope that you must answer, that is….if you want your numbers to go up. My methodology is to follow people who I know will follow me back as they are like-minded. This takes extra work, but since starting Twitter, I now have 600T+ and even if they take inactive people away, I’ll still ahead. What has Twitter done for me? One of my followers turned out to be an International Publisher in the UK. He has made me Internationally Published. I met many people who asked me to interview on their radio shows, acquired a marketing company who is willing to barter for promoting them on Twitter and there is so much information on Twitter, you can “borrow” it (of course, always giving credit) for Google+ (an another blog post! Choose your own but I found to be useful.


What Not to Do: 

You can belong to if you like to track your followers. However, refrain from posting how many unfollowers you have. No one cares. Do not criticize a post. The person who posted is just the messenger. You will be blocked! Do not post sexual content; again, you will be blocked. LinkedIn is wonderful for connections in business. I don’t use it as much as I should, due to time restraints, but it is important to have a profile there so people can read about you. I’ve made many connections on LinkedIn) 4000+ and this is the only one of the three that gives you the entire person’s information for emailing. LinkedIn tutorial, I recommend since this is strictly a business site, I haven’t figured out anything “not to do” YET!

Personally, I would like to have “time in a bottle” so that I could work other sites, but if you choose three and of course, Google+, your business will grow. Mine has. ~Dr. Joyce