Which is more important: Competition or Collaboration?

Which is more important: Competition or Collaboration?

For years, I’ve been wondering why so many people feel that helping their competition Is a bad thing and holds negative for them. People seem to cringe at the idea that other people are out there trying to do the thing you’re trying to do? Some are even copying your work! BUT, I love competition, for competition makes me work harder to be better and stronger.

You may feel fear that other people are starting the same kind of business. Many are. Instead of dreading the competition, just accept the fear for what it is: an emotion.

There are six billion people in the world and room for competition. My findings are that it is about coming up with a unique idea and giving your idea your own personal expression, so that you connect with some of those other 5,999,999,999 people.

Ask yourself these questions?

-What is the passion for why you are doing this business?

-How do you plan to differentiate yourself from your “competition?”

-Who will be your target market?

-When will you take time to be creative and put YOU into YOUR business?

-Why do you want to work in the subject area you choose?

As an image professional, I am constantly refining and focusing what separates the way I work with clients from the way other people do. For me, it is about the final product as much as it is about the process of arriving at the final destination a lot of people like to work with me because of way I treat them!

-No one else is YOU. People do business with people they like. Make your clients like you!

Fear is good because it reminds you that you probably are not doing everything you can to be your best and creating something unique. Competition is a warning signal and a reminder that you might need to change something to differentiate yourself. Allow any fear to remind you that you need to stay focused on what makes the way you offer your product or service special.

Keep in mind that when one changes from the competitive mindset to the creative, the realization of abundance occurs — and one shifts from competing for what others have, to creating things for oneself (without fear)

Rather than concerning yourself with competition, how about collaboration?

The past way of thinking suggested that Small Business need to worry about competitors. Worrying takes the focus off of the business. By collaborating with competitors the focus remains on the clientand business goals. Does there become a point in which we may be in a better place by choosing to work with instead of against another company.

A quote by Arie De Geus says, and I quote,: “The ability to learn faster than your competitors may be the only sustainable competitive advantage.”

Instead of putting your concentration on your competitors, put your concentration on YOU and YOUR business, so that you can be abreast of the latest information in your field of endeavor. Time after time, people call, email, or skype me about ‘what the competition is doing.” My answer is always, “For every minute you concern yourself with that others are doing, that is a minute lost in deciding what you will do to increase business!’

Here are some ways to collaborate with your competition in a win-win matter.

  1. Drop them a note telling them how much you enjoy their work.
  2. If you see an article they are quoted in, send it to them. This way, you will always keep the door open. Email works because it’s a baseline. Everyone has it.
  3. Find out if you can work with them on a project that will benefit both of your companies. Sometimes, two are better than one.
  4. Set up a VOIP Connection with Skype. Discussing topics in your industry could be just what both competitors need.

By choosing collaboration over competition, we all win by helping each other to become stronger and more independant.