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Online Educational Programs

You can become a Certified Coach, Soft Skill Expert, Social Site Influencer or Author. Learn how to write your own programs or be an Impression Consultant. Dr. Joyce's work has been time-tested and validated by hundreds of people who have gone on to become successful in their chosen endeavor.

Social Media Management and Consulting

Dr. Joyce Knudsen Ph.D. Founder and President of The ImageMaker, Inc.® Communications Group and Associates offer all of their talents to present your best impression on social media. Moreover Dr Joyce is at your disposal for online consulting via Skype.<h2>The%20Soft%20Skills%20Certification%20Program</h2>
Certification Program (6.0 CEUs)

Soft Skills are also known as People Skills and are personal attributes that enable someone to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people. In this course, you’ll find personal attributes that can help you interact effectively and harmoniously with other people.<h2>The%20International%20Program</h2>
Certification Program (6.0 CEU's)

A complete comprehensive course for preparation to excel in any Industry. This program Includes Executive Master Coaching Certification, Personal Development and Self-esteem Certification.<h2>Social%20Media%20Management</h2>

Are you interested in excelling on the social sites. Dr. Joyce is a social media maven and can help you to work Twitter and LinkedIn to your advantage.<h2>Life%20Coaching</h2>

Find your life coach and become the person you need to be. Your fulfillment our only goal. Our training is ready to help you achieve YOUR life goals..<h2>Complementary%2030%20minute%20Career%20Consultation</h2>

Complementary 30 minute Career Consultation

Are you curious about becoming a great coach? Would you like to talk to a trained Professional about your career choice? Great!

Industry expert and course author, Dr. Joyce Knudsen, would be happy to speak with you on the phone or Skype for a complimentary 30 minute career session.

Corporate and Personal Training



Let a trained professional take the guesswork out of employee hiring and productivity using validated assessments. Building teams, recruiting, employee training, productivity, developing sales skills: Assessment of people is key. Allow The ImageMaker Inc.® and Dr. Joyce Knudsen use validated tools to help you make the best decisions in assessing, recruiting, and profiling employees.

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The only way to improve is to understand exactly who you are. The Self-Discovery Process (also known as the 4 Step Process) produces crisp, fact-based results that will empower you and your clients to better understand yourself. Become more productive, build self worth, mental discipline, and inner power.

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Earn extra income giving professionally created seminars. We have created numerous image-related presentation packages with PowerPoint® slides, and even printable workbooks for you to hand out to your participants. Hold seminars for the public and charge a fee, or charge corporations and small businesses to give a presentation to their employees. These pre-made seminars are available for instant download and ready to use as your own.

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Professional Writings

Professional Writings

Dr. Joyce Knudsen, AICI CIM has authored and co-authored twelve books since 1990..

Although the author is not writing as many books, she can help you write yours on an hourly basis, depending upon your needs and what stage of a book you are wanting to write.

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Latest News

Dr. Joyce has been appointed to Senior Adviser to IITTI.

Dr. Joyce has certification with the world's only open-standard soft skills certification from zero in 2014 to 15 countries in 2017 …and still growing! Problem: Human resource (HR) managers are frequently frustrated to find job applicants that are unemployable because of their lack of soft skills such as personal appearance, business behavior, and professional communication. Solution: The IITTI certification allows a global standard, using a single number called 'World Civility Index'​, in measuring soft skills so that both employers and job-seekers are "on the same page."​ Once taking the Soft Skills Certification Course, you become eligible to partake in Cell Phone Learning and should you want to, you can get IITTI Certification.

"Great Minds in the Spotlight" Series

Honored to announce that Dr. Joyce is our First featured Women In “Honoring the Women who Inspire Us” Series.

International Ambassador of La Femme Privee Forum

Honored to announce Dr. Joyce Knudsen as the International Ambassador of International LFP.

Latest Book by Dr. Joyce - Refusing to Quit: True Stories of Women Over 60.

Redefine your retirement.


Business testimonial Online Image and Coaching Certification Program to become certified image consultant

Maria V. Draxler, Financial Advisor

I had the opportunity to work with Dr. Joyce as I started my business named Impressions. I am really glad that I found her because her program really helped set the direction of my business. The course taught me both the Impressions side, but also many business aspects necessary to my business that I had not thought about prior to taking her course. The class really motivated me and helped me structure my business. Dr. Joyce also really follows through with her promise that she will make herself available and be there to support you through the training. I was impressed with her follow through, knowledge and advice. She does, in fact, "work for you!"