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The ImageMaker, Inc.® is the only Academic Partner with the Association of Image Consultants, International, having earned the First Certified Image Master In 1990, Ph.D. and Distance Learning Accredtation from Notre Dame University. She is a charter member of AICI starting out when AFIC and AIC merged into AICI. Graduates receive One Free Year of membership ($295))




Press Release

Dr. Joyce Knudsen is Appointed Senior Advisor to IITTI.

We are very happy to announce Joyce Knudsen, Ph.D. AICI CIM has agreed to join us at IITTI as Senior Advisor.

Affectionately known as "Dr. Joyce" to the one million-plus fans around the world, Dr. Joyce brings with her a vast wealth and wisdom in many areas in soft skills. Joyce is a best-selling author, social media pioneering guru, certified image master, radio talk host, and more.

Dr. Joyce will be helping out with IITTI leading-edge "cellphone learning" initiative where soft skills trainers can now offer a digital solution beyond the face-to-face instructions in a "blended-learning" delivery.

For soft skills trainers, this offers a whole new avenue of opportunities for facilitation while using the weekly cellphone lessons as a base for generating awareness of soft skills.

Dr. Joyce's latest book!!! REFUSING TO QUIT: True Stories of Women Over Sixty