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The ImageMaker, Inc.® Communications Group is a Distinquished Academic Partner with the Association of Image Consultants, International, having earned the First Certified Image Master In 1990, Ph.D. and Distance Learning Accredtation from Notre Dame University. She is a charter member of AICI starting out when AFIC and AIC merged into AICI. Graduates receive One Free Year of membership ($295).

Business testimonial Online Image and Coaching Certification Program to become certified image consultant
Maria V. Draxler, Financial Advisor

I had the opportunity to work with Dr. Joyce as I started my business named Impressions. I am really glad that I found her because her program really helped set the direction of my business. The course taught me both the Impressions side, but also many business aspects necessary to my business that I had not thought about prior to taking her course. The class really motivated me and helped me structure my business. Dr. Joyce also really follows through with her promise that she will make herself available and be there to support you through the training. I was impressed with her follow through, knowledge and advice. She does, in fact, "work for you!"




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"One of my students will now serve as President of AICI." Series
Dr. Joyce just congratulated on her for students as she became AICI president 2018. She also has had students served on the international board. Read her letter. --
"Great Minds in the Spotlight" Series
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International Ambassador of La Femme Privee Forum
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Latest Book by Dr. Joyce - Refusing to Quit: True Stories of Women Over 60.
Redefine your retirement. These women have. Here are twenty inspiring examples of the power, perseverance and tenacity of women over sixty.