1. Pay It Forward: That is if you want people to do the same for you!
  2. Always thank people and show appreciation: People like to be told.
  3. Be Positive: Think before you post, as everyone has problems and people don’t want to hear about them.
  4. Publish Quality Content: Be seen as an expert in your field
  5. Be Transparent: Be Awesome, Authentic and Real.
  6. Earn Trust: Loyalty and Trust is Earned
  7. Share your Expertise: Build on what you are proficient at.
  8. Read up on English! 
  9. Complete Your Bio! This is where people read about you!
  10. Don’t Be Negative: People have enough problems!
  11. Comment on Posts: People want feedback!
  12. BuildRelationships: It’s called Social Media!
  13. NO SELLING:  Unless you want to get unfollowed, unfriended or no longer get “likes.”
  14. Hater’s”-Treating rude people with a professional attitude and tone makes them “go away!