The Elite International Image & Coaching Certification Program


Are you interested in being an image consultant and/or coach?

Do you want to excel in any type of business by learning about what Image Management Strategists know?

Do you want to excel in the business you are now in?

Have you already trained with another trainer? That’s great! However, to be successful, you need many different perspectives.  Training must continue for you to stand out in any profession. And, working with a mentor can cement you in your niche and teaching style.

Do you know that people who are successful use Image Professionals to gain an advantage over those who do not have a “behind the scenes” person helping them to be their best?

You might enjoy this Online Study Program to learn how, so you can have the same advantages in both your professional and personal life.

Learn from a mentor who teaches the coaches! Read: Training/Coaching/Mentoring – There is a difference.  Learn from a #TrueGiver. Learn from a trainer who does ask you to sign up on their website. Being a True Giver means that you find out who your students/clients are, what their financial situation is and compare prices of all programs to find a middle ground for the reason they are contacting trainers…which learn, not to be concerned about the cost. Together, via Skype or Telephone, we decide on a price you can afford and decide what you want. You write your own agreement!! How can you sign up for a program when you haven’t even spoken to the trainer? Most of Dr. Joyce’s clients turn out to be friends! She loves when that happens.

As a Mentor with a PhD., AICI CIM (Certified Image Master) and a Distance Learning Examiner Certification awarded from Notre Dame, Dr. Joyce can help you through all the elements of a course that meets you at YOUR level and works with you. We work as a team, until you reach advanced levels of achievement.

To my knowledge, no other onsite program has this credential.

Notre Dame University

Notre Dame University – Quite an Honor!

What students have said!

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“This course is just like the bible- soothing, calming, inspiring and empowering. Every women needs to take it.”  

“After working with Joyce Knudsen, I now have the self-confidence to initiate training, conduct meetings, and communicate effectively with my employer.  In fact, I am so impressed by the character, conscientious manner and care that Joyce put into my situation that I am bringing her in for a long term identity building contract with our hotel.”

“As an established Image Consultant with BeautiControl, I was astonished by what Dr. Joyce was able to do for my confidence in further my career. This course is packed with quality information and Dr. Joyce makes herself available via phone or Skype for any and all questions. The course is definitely worth the cost. This course is the best I’ve ever taken.”

“I know of no other course where you have a mentor for your business that will work side-by-side with you to exceed your expectations for as long as you need. I had sat through onsite courses and gone home perplexed…. no one to talk to! My experience having taken both her onsite course and distance learning was that the personalized attention she gave me via distance was far worth the amount of the agreement!  All of her courses are top-notch!”

“I was recommended to Joyce Knudsen’s program after accumulating hours of training and reading on the subject of Image. As someone who believes in the highest standards for any profession, I was thrilled to find an excellent resource and wonderful program that teaches about Image and Image-related areas, in a complete and thorough way. I really believe that every image consultant MUST complete Joyce Knudsen’s program. Her personality and extensive knowledge should become the guiding light for whoever wants to become an image expert. Could you imagine building a puzzle of a 1000 pieces, and missing a few pieces? This very morning – in my car – I felt that thanks to your program I found the missing pieces and everything fell in place. What a wonderful feeling!!! I am still on the tip of the iceberg – but I am truly anxious to deepen my knowledge and value to clients.”


Dear Dr. Joyce,

In your mentoring program, the subjects are very useful and complete—A Highly Professional Service Your program is so special and “unique,” because you personalize the service. This is a HUMAN SERVICE; the information that I learned from you cannot be found in a manual, a book or in a 2 week seminar. It is nice to meet the mentor, but in your case, you do not go away after the seminar ends. After seminars, you remain, alone and you have to do everything by yourself, With your mentoring program, I never felt alone. You have helped me any time I needed it and this has no price! Your course is the best money I never invested in my career as an image consultant. You give people confidence and practical solutions to their needs!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH SINCERELY!! YOU ARE THE BEST!!

“Joyce, you are a living magic to change people’s lives, either on line, off line or in person. You Are My International Image Ambassador”

“I would like to remind you that all of the acts of kindness and caring that you give, often unknown to the world, are always seen by our Heavenly Father. He has given you a special spirit and you have allowed Him to use you to reach, touch and heal others. Never let anyone discourage you. You have been making a difference for a long time and you will always be a great value to the world. That’s who you are.”

With a small down-payment to hold a spot in the program and then another three months to make your payments, you have 4 months to pay. You tell me how you want to pay and what your concentration is and my job is to work with you to excel in your career. We accept PayPal, American Express, Master Card and Visa.

As a mentor, it is my job to work side-by-side along with you to give you leadership skills, direction and set realistic goals for each person’s specific needs. By the time a person reaches coaching levels, they can pay it forward by acting as a coach to others and with time and experience can become a true mentor who teaches clients “from the heart,” and becomes a “true giver” in helping to pay it forward to others.

Dr. Joyce’s  mantra is “She works for you!”

The International Elite & Coaching Certification Program (4.0 CEU’S) is an all Exclusive Program. We believe that this is YOUR program and work toward YOUR needs, together……we work as a team…one-on-one.

  • One on one business coaching/mentoring for as long as your need. Mentoring is NOT the same as Training where you are trained. Mentoring is sticking with you for the life of your business (or mine!)
  • Option to spend a day in Nashville with face to face time with Dr. Joyce Knudsen.
  • Two one-hour telephone calls/Skype per month!
  • Unlimited email help from Dr. Joyce.
  • Extras, such as helping with web site creation(wording only,) proposals and anything else you want help with for the life of my business. Dr. Joyce Knudsen has 30 years of experience working as a Business Strategist. I will share my resources with you, as well.
  • Should you desire, you would receive CEU’s from AICI.
  • Elite International Image & Coaching Program Certification.
  • • Master Executive Coach Certification.
  • We work together until YOU decide it’s time to go on your own.

For Self-esteem Certification Program See:


Social Site Presence

The Elite Course is a complete comprehensive course for preparation to excel in Business and in Life. You can use these certifications to work in the Image Management Industry, the Coaching Industry or Any Industry where Image Matters! (Don’t they all?)

You can also work to become a MENTOR for no extra cost after this program is completed! This certification has been awarded to people of HR, Marketing and Sales Professions and is not limited to Image Management Professionals. In fact, many of my clients do not belong to any association! They work as Independent Contractors for companies and corporations.

Programs are also offered by Dr. Joyce without AICI Certification (Dr. Joyce’s Certification.) Let her know which course you may be interested in. Some are Fashion/Wardrobe Certifications, Try Me Certification & Certified Seminar Leader & is constantly adding new courses.

For those people who are in the Image Field, you will be certified as an Image Management Strategist and certification as a Master Certified Coach!

So, how are Dr. Joyce’s Courses taken?

In this course, there are modules dividing the course into sections. Each module contains chapters on specific related subjects. You view the power point with audio, or eventually, video, and work in the workbook. Then, you can set up a SKYPE call (you arrange this by adding my Skype ID – joycemichelleknudsen. If you do not have Skype, you set up a telephone call or email. All appointments must be made by Dr. Joyce Knudsen. You will be given available times and together, we will set up  this meetings. Remember, “I work for you!”

For each chapter you will:
Read the main educational material (Printable PDF). These are professionally designed filled with graphics to keep your interest high.

Follow along with a corresponding workbook.

Take a module quiz.

Complete an assignment to assist in comprehension. If you prefer to do something more creative and more fitting to your needs, contact me and we can discuss. This is YOUR program!

At the end of the course you:

  • Fill Out the Final Exam
  • Fill out an Evaluation sheet. Put name of course & when you started and ended course.
  • Write a Thank You Letter on Your Stationary that may be used on my website.
  • Create a Video Testimonial for extra resources.
  • Set up a final call to talk about future possibilities

My responsibilities are:

  • To be there for you during & after the course for as long as you need.
  • When your course is complete, I send the information to AICI. The administrator sends this information to AICI to record. That can take about one month or longer.

Your responsibilities are:

  • Arrange a telephone or Skype call or initiate emails for me to answer within 24 hours.
  • Submit your materials to The ImageMaker, Inc.® Communication Group via email.
  • Send in your evaluation form, thank you letter photo and video of your experience with the course.

Complete the program at home, on lunch breaks, and in your own free time – anywhere in the world. You will be given my cell number, skype address and toll-free number, so that you are ALWAYS able to reach me. This course is sent directly to your email so you can work from anywhere or save it for future reference. So that you are not overwhelmed with information, we send you one module (about four chapters) at a time. For those want the course in a prepared notebook, this is available for an added cost. The program is sent via online, since if in a notebook since printed material/information gets old and changes. I send you updates so you have the latest information. As I research, you receive!!

After all, I work for you!

You don’t have to leave your home to become an amazing Image Professional.

Dr. Joyce also offers Image Maker approved courses. Email her today for more information.

Here are some of what you will receive:

FASHION WARDROBE FOR WOMEN which will explain the 14 point system, elements of a basic wardrobe, cool and warm colors, petites and full-figured women.

FASHION WARDROBE FOR MEN teaches about men’s success in social and business situations. It includes office and social dress, choosing suits, shirts patterns, and color for men, body types and styles, and business guidelines.

MAKEUP AND SKIN CARE teaches you about skin needs, beauty burglars, what belongs in a make-up kit, how to apply makeup properly, and so much more.

COLOR ANALYSIS will teach you about color history, the three mainstays of color, color harmony, flow, and palettes. We hired scientists to give you the most up-to-date color information on the market and you will receive all of that information! Sixty percent of what people first see is color!

FIGURE ANALYSIS – is designed to teach you about body and figure types, lines and silhouette, lifestyle dressing, and the do’s and don’ts of dressing with proportions. Be sure to go to tab (Marketing Materials to see the Figure Magic ® and Physique Power ® to see the “Kit” designed for Wardrobe and Personal Shoppers. This revolutionary program was designed to develop a client portfolio for your clients….one charge, no per-report fee and no annual fee.

BUSINESS STRATEGIC PLANNING to introduce you to personal assessment, how to plan and research your business, have a business checklist, and how to get customers.

-BUSINESS CASUAL – One of the reasons market researchers say that companies have moved toward casual business wear is that baby boomers, who grew up in jeans, never wanted to go toward the gray flannel suit. Learn the correct concept of what business should be.

-BUSINESS ETIQUETTE and GLOBAL ETIQUETTE – will equip you with knowledge about social and business etiquette, posture and poise, proper introductions and handshakes. It does not cost anything to be kind and understanding to others.

-BUSINESS MARKETING will describe the 7 D’s of marketing, types of markets and strategies for business.

-BUSINESS CONSULTING will explain preferences, the keys to proper listening, and business variables

– PROFESSIONAL SPEECHES that you will need to know working in the Image Field. You will be asked to speak and you need to know the format and basics. This module will teach you about how to plan a speech, what you need to own, how to outline a speech, how to use handouts for visual aids and how to combine all aspects to create a successful presentation.

-SEMINAR PRODUCTION is different than giving a speech. In planning a seminar, you must know how to time yourself, know and understand the use of PowerPoint presentations and learn how to create an Interactive Environment for your participants.

-COMMUNICATION is a module that includes both the verbal and nonverbal forms of communication. We “say” a lot to the world before we open our mouths. We also need to work on our voice quality and delivery when we communicate if we expect to have the receiver receive the message we intend them to get. This is often not the case.

-VOICE & DICTION is a module that gives you the practice you need to “hear” yourself. You will learn about projection and pitch, how to do tongue twisters that you can use in your seminars and teach others how their voice affects their image. 

COLOR ANALYSIS will teach you about color history, the three mainstays of color, color harmony, flow, and palettes. We hired scientists to give you the most up-to-date color information on the market that no one else has and you will receive all of that information! Sixty percent of what people first see is color!

BRANDING – Did you know that when you first meet someone, you have only 30 seconds to make a lasting impression? By the time you say hello and offer a handshake, the other person has already formed an opinion about you. Whether we like it or not, perception is reality. Any successful business understands the importance of marketing. A great deal of time, money, and resources goes into marketing the right products to the right markets. For example, the Cox Marketing team is often referred to as the “800-pound gorilla” in the room, because they are always requesting more money to get product information to the market. Marketing is critical to the business.

PROFESSIONAL EXECUTIVE COACHING -This program goes beyond coaching. The program gives you the Right Action Questions to use and involves the art of listening. This will take you to the next level of Image Management, working with assessments and if you choose, becoming an Assessment Counselor.

FINAL PAPER and ALL completion materials

In this Elite Course, you can be a beginning, intermediate and advanced consultant, as we work with you at YOUR level.

You receive two areas of expertise that will help you to excel in ANY field, especially Image Consulting, where people, not only need to have the information about appearance, but need to understand personality, behavior and communication, both verbal and nonverbal. See books I’ve written on the subject of communication:

TWO Programs in One!

Dr. Knudsen believes in the principle:

Model someone who has already reached the goal you want to achieve.”

Dr. Joyce M. Knudsen mastered the Image Profession. She was the very first person to achieve MASTER STATUS distinction in AICI, The Premier Image Association, in the year, 2000. She is an accepted/invited/listed member of,  the premier directory of Life Coach Practitioners. Her Distance Learning Training was held at Notre Dame and her training in assessments came from TTI, Inscape, Dr. Tony Alessandra, Innermetrix and many more!

  • Need a proposal, we do it?
  • Need a bio on the social sites? Just ask! Click here for full bio –
  • Need to know what to answer to “What do you do?” We do it!
  • Need help with Marketing? I must know how with 1M on Twitter and many on all social sites!!
  • Want modules from another certification program, just ask!

All training is authorized by AICI. Not a member of AICI? No problem!
Many people who have signed up for this program just want the information to better themselves! For many reasons, many nurses and doctors take this course!

We are equipped to help you prepare for the levels of certification you need in order to excel within AICI.


YES! You can become a Certified Image Management Strategist and Corporate Coach or if you choose, a qualified MENTOR and ASSESSMENT COUNSELOR! You can do this at home, in your own time, with our AICI approved ELITE Excellence Course. This course is available to download online and Dr. Joyce will work with you for as long as you need. That is her word to you!

Before others followed suit with home study programs, Dr. Joyce was the originator of Distance Mentoring Program for Image Consultants. For the past 15 years, these programs have been time-tested and validated by hundreds of thousand people, who have gone on to become successful in their professions, be it image or other avenues.

We offer the complete package of all the information you will need to excel as a qualified Image Professional.

“We will work with you for as long as you need to bring you up all the levels of certification. In fact, we look forward to it!”  ~ Dr. Joyce

Learn from the originator of Home Study Programs within AICI!!!! Learn from an AICI Master and a Ph.D.

Lots of surprises to come, first with the development of an amazing store to be offered this year. Join Dr. Joyce in her venture to become the savviest consultant, who already has One Million, 42 followers on Twitter and has conquered the art of business and wants to share all of what she has gleaned over the years with YOU!

Learn from a woman who, at the age of 72, is wanting her legacy to one of Paying It Forward to you, her students and client base. She is a woman who REFUSES TO QUIT See:  On Best Seller List with 48 Reviews!!

Graduates’ Testimonials

madelynliDear Joyce;

I’m writing to send you my sincere thank you for all the guidance and advice that you have given me. I want you to know how grateful I am to have you as my mentor. This is the main reason why I joined your course I wanted to have a Mentor that was able to guide me into the “Image” industry, a Mentor that was experienced and easy to work with.

With you, Joyce, I got more than what I expected. Your down-to-earth approach (no glamour), and your quick response, though we are separated by thousands of miles, have definitely made you a special Mentor. Besides providing invaluable advice, you are someone who has a non-judgmental attitude, willing to listen to my needs and with genuine interest in getting me certified and in a successful career. I know I can count on you as a coach and a friend.

There are a lot of “Image” training programs, but your program has definitely given me the flexibility in catering to what I want. The flexibility for me to select my area of interest was very motivating. Most importantly, I am able to learn and achieve the same result without traveling to the “classroom” which is thousands of miles away and that definitely costs a lot more as well.

I am confident that with your guidance and support I am on the right track towards achieving success.

Thank you!

Madelyn LiPenang

jamiLDear Dr. Knudsen:

Throughout my life, I have wanted to become a certified image consultant. I had been dabbling with image consulting as a hobby for quite a few years. I didn’t select this profession as my career, just a hobby. When I knew my life needed a career change, I reflected more heavily on my need to make my hobby a full-fledge career.

I was excited to learn about your ImageMaker Program. Your background, expertise and one-on-one guidance in the image consulting field are what prompted me to take your program. This decision is the best decision I have ever made in my work career. The materials you provided to me to take the home study program were detailed, structured, and provided valuable information. In addition to the material, your personal attention, understanding, and patience were a refreshing experience. You gave me confidence and support with my goal to become a certified image consultant.

I cannot thank you enough for providing me with a wonderful learning experience. I look forward to your mentoring in my journey as a Certified Image Consultant, and your friendship. Jamie L. Yasko-Mangum.Oviedo
Florida, USA


Dear Joyce:

Thank you for the invaluable help you gave me throughout your Mentoring Program. Each time I called you for help, you gave completely of yourself by taking time to explain and guide me towards making the best decisions for my Image Consulting business. You not only motivated me to continue my path of becoming an Image Consultant, you also encouraged me and made me feel that I am a valued and competent person in the field. Your words of encouragement have changed my outlook of myself and my product. After taking your course, I feel competent, confident, and excited to begin my own business.

Not only did you give me the motivation, encouragement and confidence, but through your course, I learned aspects of Image Consulting that I was initially weak in, such as figure analysis, color analysis, marketing my product, and creating a press kit. Your manual has an enormous amount of information that is easy to read, understand and use. Your book, From Head to Soul, is also well written, informative and easy to comprehend.

Your program is well worth taking because of the volume of information it contains for someone like me, who wants to become a Certified Image Consultant. The most helpful and beneficial part of your program is YOU – having a mentor for life! You are a great coach and mentor who took an interest in me and my goal of becoming an Image Consultant. Thank you again, Joyce, for all of your help, guidance, and continuing support. You made a tremendous difference in my life and my career.

Susan F. Bourgeois, MBA
Metarie, LA

cathyI want to personally recommend Dr. Joyce Knudsen for her invaluable mentoring program. She conducts her business in a professional, friendly manner, and is a wonderful representative of your professional organization.

The personal coaching I received when taking her Home Study Course was astounding. I have worked with many health and wellness practitioners who offered “assistance” with their courses, but no one compares with Dr. Knudsen in that arena. I was so impressed with her knowledge and willingness to help me in any way possible; I chose to work closely with her to expand my fledgling health business.

Dr. Knudsen is the best example of a lifelong learner/teacher I have ever met. She recognizes the difference in learning styles and adapts her teaching accordingly. She provides cutting edge information to her current and former students and clients as it becomes available. Her encouragement, professionalism and leadership are standards that exemplify excellence in the image industry.

I am proud to know and work with Dr. Joyce Knudsen and know you must feel the same way.

Cathy Payne, RN, BSN.Nashville, TN

isabellaDear Joyce:

I send you my heartfelt gratitude with this letter. I want you to know how fortunate I am to have you as my mentor. I was desperately looking for someone who could relate with what I was interested in and that is in inner image enhancement. I did not want to focus on grooming or fashion, per se, although I know how important it is to one’s image.

What I really wanted was to specialize in self-esteem, communications and etiquette. Allowing me the flexibility to select my area of interest was all the motivation I needed to be convinced that you are an experienced mentor. If the program had been conducted in a very rigid and structured manner, this mentorship program would not have worked, and it would have been a waste of time and money for me. As a mentor, you know how to work with an individual (i.e. pace, area of interest, etc.) so that the understudy can grow and excel. I feel reassured having you as my mentor, not only because of your experience and knowledge, but also because of your straight-forwardness and attitude (i.e. sincerity in wanting to help and guide me towards success).

Initially, I was under the impression that learning via long distance might not be a good idea, but trusting in you I went ahead. I am now aware that distance does not matter – what matters is the relationship and rapport between mentor and student. I would also like to add that I am extremely at ease doing this program, even though it is via long distance. I am sure that there are many people like me who would benefit greatly if they had a mentor to help them to get started and work with them until success is achieved. The problem, however, is finding the right mentor. You have built within such a short period the kind of relationship that only a very experienced mentor can build. Besides providing invaluable advice, a mentor should also be approachable. You are someone who is willing to listen to my every need and you are very straight-forward without being critical. As a novice, there are moments when I was reluctant to ask, for fear of being criticized, but with you this was not the case. In fact, I am looking forward to consulting with you as much as possible.

I have full trust in you and I am sure that with your guidance and support I am on the right track towards achieving success.

Thank you, Dr. Joyce.  Isabella Roy Kuala Lumpur

ClaudiaDear Joyce:

Following my decision to follow a distance study program, I carried out a detailed research of providers of such services. It was soon clear to me that The Imagemaker Study Program with Dr. Joyce Knudsen was my best choice. She has many years of experience and expertise in consulting, mentoring, writing books and television shows. I was a bit skeptical about the efficiency of such a program with regards to the great physical distance that separated us, but Joyce quickly proved to me that I was indeed on the right track. Her program allows for creativity and flexibility, which was exactly what I was looking for. The support material is professional and extremely helpful. I would like to thank Dr. Joyce Knudsen for her unlimited support, immediate feedback and continuous motivation during and after the program. I have met a colleague that I can trust and can look up to. Thank you.

Claudia Doron


Please note that this course is a training approved by the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI). Certification, earned through the trainer upon completion of this course, is entirely independent from AICI’s professional certification programs. (If you wish to pursue AICI Certification, please refer to AICI’s website

COST? Dr. Joyce makes it easy for you. You will pay $400 per credit hour. Thus a 4 credit hour course would cost you $1600, with the option to split this into payments. Each course purchased will give you two months of access to Dr. Joyce for phone calls, emails and Skype sessions. If you have not completed the course after 2 months and you wish to schedule time with Dr. Knudsen, there will be a $500 per month charge to continue the sessions that you received during the initial two months.

No Contracts, just pay PayPal and we get started.