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Skin care is vital to health and beauty. Daily living dries out the skin due to pollution, traffic fumes, heat and cold.

The number one enemy of the skin is the sun.

If you compare the back of your arm to the inside, you can see the difference.

The following rules apply to a good skin care program.

  1. Keep your skin clean. Be sure to remove surface oils, dust, and dirt each morning and evening. Never rub your skin, always pat.
  2. Apply to clean, still-damp skin and smooth on with fingers or a cotton sponge. Apply evenly and generously three times a day if possible. Do not forget your neck area.

We are all individuals with various allergies and sensitivities. Makeup has several ingredients that may or may not give you a reaction. It is best to try a product and experiment to see which products work for you.

Price at $397 The items in the educational store are given to you in a word document. This means that you can rework the Power Points & Workbook for your needs and you have permission from The ImageMaker, Inc.® to use her intellectual property as your own. This is not offered anywhere else!