My goal is to help you soar in life. If you are in business today and are not familiar with Fashion, Image, Impressions, Soft Skills, or Social Sites, such as Twitter and LinkedIn, you will not only lose business, but will have trouble keeping in business! Let me help you soar!

My name is Joyce Knudsen – and I want to sincerely thank you for being here. I would love to hear about you, but for now, here is my story. When I was growing up, I lived in many houses that we rented for a family of 9 (4 brothers and 2sisters,) so I grew up at an early age taking care of my younger brothers and sisters. Since I grew up poor, I held many jobs and when it was time for further education, I worked one year and went to school the next year earn a Bachelor’s degree in Communications. After getting married at the age of 24 and having two children, I made the decision to go back to work to school to obtain a Master’s and a PhD. While working on my education, I went into modeling, acting small parts, and doing voiceover work that came my way. I had always worked odd jobs during my childhood to help my parent’s a since I’ve always been a “girly girl”, I decided on modeling and commercials
Here are some of my pictures from modeling and commercials:

As a natural progression into Image Consulting, I took my knowledge from the modeling and beauty industry and earned their certifications. Since I had been on social sites for quite a while and enjoyed this immensely. I found myself talking to fashion-minded people and making great connections with models and agencies. My circle of friends was heightened and I couldn’t wait to get up in the morning to see what was happening and who was on (in real time) twitter that I could communicate with. It wasn’t long until my business began to expand and grow rapidly.


Due to building up my brand, in addition to earning the highest achievement in the image industry as AICI CIM, I had become an Image (Impression) Manager and Influential Marketer for social site management.

Prior to this addition, I had become a pioneer in my field having developed the first Distance Learning Mentoring Program for Impression and Image Management in the world. I was recognized at a banquet of my peers with the 2001 IMMIE AWARD (Image Makers Merit of Industry Excellence) and The Award of Excellence for Education and earned the highest achievement in Image Management Industry with the coveted distinction: the very first Certified Master Status in l999. In addition, I received honorable accolades from Notre Dame, DETC (Distance Education Training Council) and was accepted by the world’s renowned International Coaching Foundation.

Due to my social site presence, this added to my list of accomplishments having reached social site status as the top 1% of users worldwide–with almost 1.1 million followers on Twitter, tens of thousands on Facebook Pages and 81T+ connections on LinkedIn and 20T on G+. I am now working across Industries one-on-one helping people to excel on their impression on social sites.

Prior to all this, I produced and hosted a weekly cable television program in the Detroit area, geared toward Impression Management and Self-esteem for three years and was featured in local, national, and international newspapers, and have appeared on numerous radio and television talk shows.

But, I could not get Fashion out of my mind and yearned to get back to this field. It was just so much fun. Here is a headshot taken at the age of 69.

I have an appointment with a photographer and will post my composite at the ripe, young age of 73

Moreover, I have my own radio show called The 12 Minute Inspiration, that reaches millions. You will be promoted to these people and be invited to be on the radio show and podcast after taking my program.

I have been dubbed “The Twitter Queen” by my followers, as well as #TrueGiver, I had developed the “The LikeAbility Profile” many years ago and used this assessment to assess clients, so they can grow to their full potential and used my assessment counselor training to help individuals and entrepreneurs with the use of the following assessments— Innermetrix, Myers-Briggs, Inscape Publishing, TTI (Target Training, International)

After all, if you don’ t knows who you are, how can you help anyone else? I take pride in what I do. My keen sense of business, strong educational background, and support of my husband, who I call Mr. Wonderful almost 50 years) and my brother, who passed away in at the age of 42 led her to the development of The ImageMaker, Inc.® in 1985. From Detroit, Michigan to Nashville, Tennessee, this company continues to specialize in helping people to understand the importance of a strong and positive self-esteem, likability, and verbal/nonverbal communication.

In thinking about what is ahead for me, I am re-entering the fashion world as a fashion model. Having written “Refusing to Quit,”  my goal is to represent women 60+ and make sure we are not the “Forgotten Generation.” We are vibrant, attractive, smart & ready to change the “old lady” paradigm! Now, I am producing a calendar of women over sixty to pose in for the year, 2018.

Will, I ever retire? NOT! There is too much life to live to not enjoy every day, doing what you love.

Give me a call today so we can get started. 1-888-845-5600 or direct line 1-615-309-8168 Cell: 1-615-347-0422 Email: I look forward to hearing from you!


Enjoy the site!