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What is your Communication Quotient?

1. Do people often ask you to say something again?

never sometimes often

2. Have you made it a habit to ask someone to “paraphrase” back to you what you have said?

never sometimes often

3. If you do not understand something someone has said, do you ask for clarification or just pretend you hear them correctly?

never sometimes often

4. While in a conversation, do you find it difficult to keep your feelings to yourself?

never sometimes often

5. When somone else has a different view from you (Democrat/Republican) can you beobjective and see their viewpoint?

never sometimes often

6. Do you understand what most people are telling you?

never sometimes often

7. Do you interrupt when you feel you have something relevant to add to the conversation?

never sometimes often

8. Do you observe the nonverbal communication while talking to someone?

never sometimes often

9. Do you tend to “finish peoples sentences” or thoughts?

never sometimes often

10. Do you “hide” your inner feelings when talking to someone and tend not to disclose yourself?

never sometimes often

11. Can you admit it when you know you are wrong?

never sometimes often

12. Do you apologize if you can see that you hurt someones feelings?

never sometimes often

13. Do you tend to get defensive?

never sometimes often

14. Do you “jump to conclusions?”

never sometimes often

15. Do you put yourself in the “other persons shoes?”

never sometimes often

16. Do you raise your voice or has someone told you “ I can hear you?”

never sometimes often

17. Do you tend to “fill in” other peoples words?

never sometimes often

18. Do you tend to dominate the conversation?

never sometimes often

19. Do you feel that people may be intimidated by you

never sometimes often

20. Are you really interested in what other people say?

never sometimes often

21. Do you talk about someones actions or are you directly criticizing them?

never sometimes often

22. Can you confront someone who has hurt your feelings?

never sometimes often

Self Evaluation Try to compare you honest answers with the following answers:

1. Never

2. Never

3. Often

4. Never

5. Never

6. Often

7. Often

8. Often

9. Often

10. Never or Sometimes

11. Never or Sometimes

12. Often

13. Often

14. Never or Sometimes

15. Never

16. Often

17. Often

18. Never

19. Never

20. Never or Sometimes

21. Often

22. Never

23. Often

This Assessment for communications quotient is a trademark of The ImageMaker, Inc.® Without written permission, using this information in any way, shape, or form is a copyright violation and punishable by law.