Balanced Discovery Process

This Self-Discovery Process will open a whole new field of opportunity and reward for YOU.

With our Balanced Discovery Process, individuals can meet critical needs with assessments and recommendations on Self-esteem. Behavior, Values and discover their hidden talents.

We give you ready-made, tested and proven tools that will change your life.  Once you change your life, you can also use these same tools for consultations with individual clients who are seeking, not only image coaching, but broader “personal success coaching.” You will gain great self-insight, valuable to you in promoting your business.


The Balanced Discovery Process was developed by Joyce M. Knudsen, PhD, Founder and President of The ImageMaker, Inc.®, incorporating by permission, proven and accepted assessment tools from Inscape Publishing, TSCS and Innermetrix. And, Dr. Joyce has developed her own assessments!  It is called the BALANCED SYSTEM illustrated here:


Step One: Self Esteem

The FIRST STEP is Self-esteem. You are a unique person. The fact is that less than 5% of our population has a healthy self-esteem.  Dr. Joyce works with each person until they achieve self-esteem, knowledge of their strengths and weaknesses, what is important to them, and what their abilities are. Identifying and improving an individual’s sense of “how they feel about themselves” is crucial to success. You cannot accomplish anything big without knowing this. Your self-esteem has a direct positive influence on attitude and performance. What do you see when you look into that mirror? This knowledge can change your life. It did mine!

“Your self-esteem level, success and challenges must be understood before you can be successful in life.”

Step Two: Behavior

The SECOND STEP is the DISC model. Now, you can harness the power of DISC to gain valuable insight into what makes you tick. DISC assessments are accurate psychological tests built from the renowned research of respected psychologist, William Moulton Marston, which aim to classify subjects’ behavior. Online DISC assessments can help you better understand what drives your personal interactions in the workplace, in social situations and within your family.

Step Three: Values

The THIRD STEP is the Attribute Index™ This index measures an individual’s internal ability by separating intrinsic, extrinsic, and systemic values. This index will scientifically measure the value systems of individuals, so that they know how to excel in any given situation. This index is based on the ORIGINAL work of Dr. Robert S. Hartman.
Robert Hartman had three PhD’s — in math, philosophy, and law. While living in Germany, he saw the way people thought and how they saw the GOOD in BAD things happening. Thus, he wondered how he could make people think good, instead. He worked twenty years on developing the science of AXIOLOGY – the science of how people think, how the mind sees experiences and assigns value. Wouldn’t you like to know that about yourself? Can you imagine how important knowing your attributes and “underdeveloped skills?

Dr. Hartman’s index has been validated in over 30 scientific studies. It has been shown to be an extremely accurate means of assessing an individual’s level of ability in over 80 key areas.

Using the Hartman Index from Innermetrix, she can also provide reliable insights into the value systems, motivations, and talents of individuals in the context of the job or task to be performed.

The Attribute Index™ gauges the individual’s internal abilities by measuring values. Unlike any other index, it scientifically measures the decision-making style of individuals to assist in recognizing job candidates with the right skills.

Dr. Knudsen is an authorized distributor with certification as a CIC (Certified Innermetrix Consultant) and CIDC (Certified Innermetrix Distributing Consultant). In bringing the Attribute Index™ capabilities to you, for the first time, through Dr. Hartman, you will be using an acclaimed and proven tool.

The Key Benefits:

This index is used as a tool to identify values, talents and motivations associated with people. This index is scientific and therefore cannot be “fooled”. and finally, this index complements and verifies the information obtained from behavioral profiles. Together, it gives you all the information you need to know about yourself.

Step Four: Dr. Joyce’s BALANCED SYSTEM and All Debriefing

The FOURTH STEP is working with you to make you the best you can be. This process includes the “fun” the others leave out & rounds off all the other assessments.

One of her clients came in from Egypt twice to study abroad with me in Nashville, Tennessee and then took what she learned back to Egypt to implement there! That is my goal to help others to carry on my work.

Come work with me to find out how YOU can be your ultimate best.